Besides our spiritual parents, we will also attract (and be attracted to) a variety of deities, higher powers and spirits. These may be entities you attract on your own, have established connections with people you know or be other people’s family relatives.

Hibiscus flowerThe difference between a guide and a parent, besides being a less formal relationship, is that a guide tends to be in your life for a purpose (to teach you something, to help you heal from something, etc) whereas your parents are always with you, guiding and protecting you all through your spiritual journey.

For the record, I like to call my eclectic group my “committee.”

Just starting from your spiritual parents, any deity that has a strong connection to one of your parents will probably enter your life. For instance, if you are a child of Oshun, then you should find Yemaya and Obatala (her parents) come into your life at some point. Since Oshun also has a strong relationship with Chango, don’t be surprised if Chango also shows up in your journey. Oshun and her sister Oya are quite close and I haven’t meet an Oshun child that didn’t also develop a relationship with Oya.

As you meet people from other traditions, you will have the opportunity to get to know their committee. I began dating a man who was involved in the Nordic tradition and it wasn’t long before Freya showed up in my life. This makes a great deal of sense when you consider that Freya and my mother, Nana Buruku, have somewhat similar energies.

You may also develop a relationship with other people’s family spirits or ancestors. One of my best friends was very close to her grandmother as a child. They remained close after her grandmother’s passing. Grandma seems to have taken a shine to me also because she has become a part of my committee.

So, the question I get asked is “How do different entities from different traditions get along with each other?” Generally speaking, deities of different paths and traditions get along with each quite well. They don’t seem to suffer from the same petty jealousies and hang ups that we do.