The universe is full of energies and those energies may be for or against you. The energies from people, places, animals or spirits may passively or actively affect you. Also, your energies may be affecting everyone and everything around you.


Psychic vampires are people who suck the life out of everyone/everything around them. They may be doing on purpose (rare) or be unaware that they are doing it (more common). Active vampires are usually those freaky, wannabe, goth-types that have involved themselves with some sort of Satanism or the like. By using your energy to work magick, they don’t have to expend theirs.

Passive vampires tend to be people with a serious illness or some sort of deep-seated emotional problems. Sick people are very draining, which is why you find a lot of burnt out nurses. Either way, you feel very tired and “drained” after being in the presence of a vampire.

Regardless of the type, the best way to defend against vampires is to always protect yourself and your personal space. First off, never have sex with a vampire. That means you should get to know a person before having any sexual contact with them. Of course in this day and age, that’s a good rule to follow anyway. Next, never give somebody a piece of yourself (lock of hair, bodily fluids, etc.). This sounds funny but some spell-workers will ask for a piece of hair or nail to work spells. Also, never let anyone touch your chakra points, especially the one at the top of your head.

Energy Attacks

Besides vampirism, as you go along with your everyday activities, you will find that there are pockets of energies all around you. Maybe there’s a park that you like to go to that makes you feel energized (good energy) or a co-worker who is very negative and makes you feel angry and dirty. This type of energy is passive.

However, some people try to use their energy to make you do something they want or to hurt you. This is active energy use. For example, high-pressure salesmen will try to use their energy to get you to buy their product. If you don’t believe me, go down to your local dealership and try to buy a used car!

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from both types of energy.

  • Shields, shields, shields. When first getting started on a spiritual path, you should be doing a basic shield meditation once a day for at least 1 week (2 is better). From then on you just re-energize your shields once a week. This one thing will keep out most of the daily garbage you will run into.
  • Jewelry. Most religions have their own unique protective symbols. In witchcraft we use the pentagram. In the Nordic tradition, people wear Thor’s hammer. These symbols can work well but you should (spiritually) clean them once in a while. Speaking of jewelry, there are many protective gemstones such as hematite, black onyx, carnelian, red jasper and lots of others.
  • Herbs. There are many protective herbs and oils that can be worn or burned to protect you. White Sage can be burned in the home to get rid of negative vibrations. Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense and Copal all have protective vibrations.
  • Protection Spells/Prayers. There are many protection spells out there that can be used. From the Bible, psalms 23 (read out-loud) can also used for protection.

What should be protected?

At a minimum, you, your spouse, your children, your pets, your car and your home should all be protected. Anything you can do to yourself (like shields), you can do to something else. For your car, protective stones or a mojo bag can be easily thrown in the glove compartment. You can also sage the inside of your car to clean out any accumulated junk.

For your children and pets, you can shield them plus have them wear protective jewelry or medals. Spells are also available if necessary. Keeping your home clean and protected can be a little more complicated. Always keep shields up around the entire property. Put mirrors up on all the doors (so when you open the door into the house, you see a mirror). Protective sigils (runes, pentagrams, etc) can be drawn on all the doors and windows. This can be done with olive oil so it’s hard to see. Also, protective stones or other items can be buried in the four corners of the property.

Be sure to sage often. You can also put sea salt around the perimeter of the yard (but salt won’t do your lawn any favors). On the inside of your home, be sure to always keep it clean, physically. You cannot have spiritual cleanliness in a dirty house. Use ammonia, vinegar, lemon oil or pine oil based cleaners. They naturally neutralize bad energy. Bleach will also get rid of negative energies. You can also add sea salt to your wash water or recite psalms 91 over the bucket.

Most importantly, keep nasty people out of your house, especially druggies, sex addicts, criminals or people you just don’t feel comfortable around. Remember, sick people have bad energies so if someone is sick in your house, take extra measures to keep it clean.

These same things can be used to protect your workspace however the rules are a little different. You can only protect an area that is strictly dedicated to you only (such as a desk or locker). If you own your own business, then you can do whatever you want to the space. However, burning sage is very passive so it is okay to do in a common work environment as long as you have the boss’s permission.

How do you know if you’re under a psychic attack?

For short-term attacks, you probably will feel uncomfortable or suddenly tired. If you can, leave the space or get away from the person making you uncomfortable. For long-term attacks, things can get pretty weird.

  • Having bad dreams. Especially several in a row.
  • You start seeing stuff (especially black spots or stuff that makes you uncomfortable).
  • Children or pets start acting weird or start having trouble sleeping.
  • Atmosphere in home/work environment changes. Like if it becomes dreary or depressing.
  • Nervous exhaustion. You just can’t seem to relax or get any rest. This can lead to a nervous breakdown.
  • Bad smells that cannot be explained.
  • Strange noises or you hear strange voices.
  • Fires break out, objects move, or light bulbs continually blow out.
  • Fights break out or you are pissed off for no good reason.

Quick, fast and easy remedies

  • Stop hanging out with bad people.
  • Herbal teas or baths. My favorite cleansing bath is turmeric and lime juice (stay in bath water at least 20 minutes).
  • Spend time in a good natural space (City park, or a river or lake).
  • Clean your house from top to bottom, include storage spaces.
  • Light, light, light. Keep them curtains open.
  • Get some exercise.
  • Breathe.
  • Pray/ritual/meditate. Use the lesser banishing ritual.
  • Water, fresh clean water. Bathe in it, wash with it, drink it.
  • If you know it’s coming from a particular person, tell them that they need to stop it or try to resolve the conflict peacefully.
  • Spellwork. There are thousands of appropriate spells out there.
  • Ask a protective deity (Chango, Thor, Oggun or Oya) for help. Never be afraid to get pagan on their ass!
  • If you are forced to have a conversation with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, cross your arms, or put something physical (like a chair or a table) between you and them.
  • Be a good person and keep your negative energies to yourself.