Life-force. Chi. A vibration put out by all natural things. Unnatural things, like plastic and rubber, have very little energy. Plastic can actually trap energy in or out, similar to the insulation effect seen with plastics and electricity.

Plants and animals give off their own energy. Rocks and places also give off energy but it is usually more passive so it takes a little longer to feel. Energies from different things will feel different because of differences in vibration rates. Usually things in the natural world will not experience much change in vibrations. Age and number will change the energy given off. The energy of a young oak tree feels different than that of an old oak tree and the energy of one tree feels different from a grove of trees. Animals tend to have more fluctuation in their vibration rates than plants. Things like health and welfare, attitude and even the time of the day or week can affect an animal’s vibration.

Metaphysically speaking, we tend to think that the more spiritually advanced, the higher rate of vibration, with the “godforce” have the highest rate of vibration. Also, fire-based energies have the highest rates, followed by air, than water and finally earth is the slowest.

You have the ability to improve the “feel” and strength of your energy through eating right, exercise, good karma, meditation or other spiritual exercises or spending time in the natural world. In comparison, drug or alcohol abuse, black magick, bad karma, hanging out with bad people and dirty sex will cause your energy to feel heavy and slimy.

If you meet someone and have a strong reaction to that person (good or bad), you are probably reacting to their energy. When you perform magick, you are sending your energy to do something. That energy will have your signature and therefore can be traced.

If you take a tuning fork set at a particular vibration or note, strike it (hit it so that it vibrates) and then bring it close to another tuning fork of the same vibration, the second tuning fork will begin to vibrate. The energy of each god (and other higher beings) has it’s own vibrational frequency. When they come into contact with something on the same frequency (or in other words, having similar energy), they can feel the resonance of that object, plant or person.