Rose spp.

Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

Deities: Mary Magdalene, Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, Pomba Gira, etc.

Element: Water

Rose will help soothe the pain, allowing you to access your own divine, feminine strength.


There are over a hundred species of roses and thousands more cultivated varieties. Usually armed with sharp prickles or thorns, rose plants are woody perennials that can be bushes or vines. Plant sizes range from the small miniature species to climbers that can reach over 20 feet tall. Flowers of different species can vary in size, shape and color (white, yellow and red are common) however they are usually large and showy. Native species are found in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. These much beloved plants tend to hybridize easily which is why there are thousands of garden varieties.

Besides being queen of the garden, roses are one of our favorite cut flowers. Rose oil, called attar of rose, is highly prized. Rose water, which is a byproduct of the oil distillation process, is used cooking, medicine, cosmetics and spiritual practices.

Medicinal Uses

Rose is a popular herbal remedy which was used extensively in Greek, Roman, and Arabic medicine. As an astringent, rose is cooling and drying and is helpful for diarrhea and dysentery. Rose has an affinity for the respiratory tract, so it is used for sore throat, and drying up nasal and bronchial secretions. Rose’s ability to dry up inflamed mucus membrane makes it also helpful for helping with vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularity and yeast infections. Easing auto-immune heat and irritation, like the chronic inflammation of arthritis, is another benefit of rose.

Energetic Healing

Roses are strongly connected to the Divine Feminine (in her many forms) and the heart chakra. Rose medicine can be used to heal a damaged heart chakra (caused by emotional trauma, neglect and abuse) or maternal issues. Rose energy may also strengthen self esteem and promote feelings of self-love.

Rose Symbol

Because roses are so beloved all over the world, they can be found in many works of art. As a symbol of the divine feminine, roses are common in paintings and sculptures of goddess figures including Venus, Aphrodite, and Mother Mary.

This symbol is more child-like than some of the other symbols we have received (see below). How many children have drawn this symbol in their early art work? But, maybe that’s the beauty of rose. So lovely, so expressive…rose has an energy that is innocent yet deeply complex. This symbol spirals for some people while other people see it opening from the center. This symbol has been used to connect to the heart chakra and to clear emotional pain.

Rose symbol.

Symbol received from rose.