(Pinus spp.)

Family: Pinaceae

Deities: Ogoun

Element: Air

Pine is one of the most well loved tree families and hands down one of the most useful (at least from a human perspective). There are over a hundred species of pine spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere of our planet. They are easy to recognize by their shape, needles (which are modified leaves) and their distinctive pine cones. Even their smell is easily recognizable. You could argue that pine fragrance is one of the top commercially used scents for air fresheners, cleaning products and candles.

Pine trees are an excellent source of wood and paper. The wood is used to make almost anything. The fast growing trees can grow in tight stands and the when the fallen needles decay, they will inhibit the growth of hardwood seedlings. Pines grow in sandy, acidic soils that provide good drainage. These trees don’t like to get bogged down in the muck. Their seeds (pine nuts, which are nested into the pine cone) are eaten by many animals (including us) and birds. Pine trees produce a resin, which is the main source of turpentine.

Spiritual Uses: Pine is used for cleansing and protection. Pine helps us clear out the bad energy to get us over our pain and get back to work. Pine is also one of the most accessible trees out there. You don’t have to know anything about plant spirituality to connect with pine trees. They are ready and willing to help at any time. All this being said, pines are strongly associated with Ogoun. Pine cones or needles make a wonderful addition to Ogoun’s altar and use pine oil or incense when asking Ogoun for protection. When you really need to clear out the emotional muck in your life, start by cleaning your house with a pine based cleaning product. Just the smell will lift your spirits. If you are able to visit a pine tree in person, place your back to the trunk, close your eyes and breathe in the tree. It is a great way to gain some clarity.