Pogostemon cablin or P. patchouli

Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)

Deities: Pan, Osain, Cernunnos

Element: Earth, earth and earth (did I mention earth?)

Patchouli’s name is almost synonymous with hippies and cheap incense but this herb’s deep earthy smell has the power to pull your soul into the forest.

Medicinal Uses: While patchouli oil is used in aromatherapy, I haven’t found any credible reference for using the herb medicinally. The oil may act as an insect repellent.

Spiritual Uses: Patchouli is commonly found in prosperity and fertility workings. If you need some grounding, invite patchouli into your life. Some sources say patchouli draws love and others say it separates lovers, probably due to cultural differences. Me personally, patchouli gets me hot and bothered but I also will have to confess to being an earth baby.

Patchouli, a member of the mint family that is grown throughout the Caribbean and is SE Asia, originates from the tropical regions of Asia. Growing up to 3 feet tall, patchouli is a bushy plant with small pale pink-white flowers and erect stems. This fragrant plant prefers hot, shady areas.