Passiflora incarnata

Family: Passifloraceae (Passionflower family)

Deities: Oya, Baron Samedi (fruit)

Element: Water

Passionflower got its name from the Spanish Explorers who first “discovered” it the 16th century (never mind the countless number of native peoples that had used passionflower for centuries before the Europeans showed up). Unlike the common name, however, passionflower is used as a sedative and pain reliever not for date night.

Medicinal Uses: Passionflower, a vine commonly found in the Southeastern US, is used as a non-addictive way to relax the nervous system, treating insomnia, tension and anxiety. It can also be used to treat high blood pressure and may have pain relieving properties.

Spiritual Uses: Passionflower is used to bring peace to the soul. If you are having trouble meditating, try passionflower.

Passionflower is a woody vine that grows on the edges of the woods, in thickets and out in the open. It can grow quite tall on trees, sometimes reaching over the canopy of the tree they are using for support. The shockingly brilliant flowers are produced from June to September and the fruit that follows I find to be absolutely delicious.