Urtica dioica

Family: Urticaceae (Nettle family)

Deities: Odin, Chango, Nana Buruku

Element: Fire

Originally used as a fiber, stinging nettle is popular with herbalists as a cure for pretty much everything.

Medicinal Uses: Nettle is high in vitamins A, C and iron. It was used as a tonic to remineralize the body and as a cure for scurvy, Nettle has long been used as a diuretic but avoid prolonged use due to possible kidney irritation. Because of it’s astringent properties, nettle has been used to treat vaginitis and bleeding piles. It is commonly used to treat gout with the most successful application being the stinging of the affected area with the fresh plant. Lab studies also show some promising success with nettles in the treatment of enlarged prostate (benign). Externally, this plant, for which the nettle family is named for, is used to treat eczema and as an astringent hair rinse.

Spiritual Uses: Nettle can be very protective and will protect you from dark magic and spiritual betrayl. Men can use the power of nettle to rid themselves of emotional baggage and women can use this plant to help them to get in touch with their inner warriors. Nettle mixes well with many other plants including angelica, peppermint and sage.

Stinging nettle is a commonly cursed at naturalized perennial that grows in moist areas with disturbed soils. This plant, that is famous for its stinging bristles covering the heart shaped leaves and stems, grows up to 4 feet tall and flowers in the summer.