Verbascum thapsus

Family: Scrophulariceae (Snapdragon family)

Orishas: Nana Buruku, Archangel Raphael

Element: Fire

Mullein, which is commonly found throughout the US growing wild, has been used for centuries to treat respiratory ailments.

Medicinal Uses: Mullein is a demulcent and expectorant which is why it is used to treat chest colds, asthma and bronchitis. It’s anti-inflammatory and astringent properties make it useful for treating hemorrhoids and diarrhea.

Note: the seeds of mullein are poisonous. Do not consume.

Spiritual Uses: Mullein is useful if you are battling evil spirits and energies. It is protective and increases mental clarity. This member of the snapdragon family can help open you up when life’s battles have worn you down. Mullein works well with the throat chakra so if you are having trouble finding your voice, try allying yourself with this plant.

Mullein is a biennial plant that has large, velvety leaves and produces a tall stalk of yellow flowers in its second year. I normally find mullein growing near ponds or creek beds.