Althaea officinalis

Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Deities: Nana Buruku

Element: Air and Water

Two things you need to know about marshmallow are this; first, marshmallow is a mallow that grows near fresh or saltwater marshes and second, marshmallows (the white fluffy things from the grocery store) do not contain marshmallow (the herb).

Medicinal Uses: Marshmallow contains high amounts of mucilage which is why it is used to treat coughs and upset stomachs. This plant soothes both the internal and external wounds, cuts and burns due to the mucilage and the plant’s ability to boost the activity of white blood cells. The roots may be used as a drawing poultice.

Spiritual Uses: Marshmallow is an excellent wound healer and this applies to the emotional and spiritual worlds, too. If you need assistance in soothing and healing the pain of what the world has done to you, seek out marshmallow. This plant can help you gently get in touch with your inner self. Marshmallow can help men become better psychics.

Marshmallow is a perennial plant that grows well in moist soils and full sun. Reaching up to 5 feet tall, this member of the mallow family has hairy, branching stems and grey-green leaves that are covered with velvety hairs. The large pink or white five petal flowers appear in summer.