Lavandula officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae

Deities: Oshun, Freya, Kuan Yin, Pomba Gira, Apollo

Element: Air

Famous for its beautiful floral scent and the power to calm, lavender can be found in almost everything from toiletries to dishwashing liquids.

Medicinal Uses: Lavender oil is a remedy for burns and stings and due to its antibacterial action, helps heals cuts. It is also inhaled to treat chest infections, colds and coughs. As a sedative, lavender is used to treat anxiety, tension and nervous headaches. This member of the mint family will relax the digestive tract, like many of its cousins.

Spiritual Uses: Besides calming the spirit, this native of the Mediterranean has long been associated with love and happiness. As a bringer of peace, lavender can be used to induce sleep and calm dreams. Lavender is commonly added to purification and protection mixtures. If you are dealing with karmic issues, lavender can help you through it. Lavender is excellent for getting in tune with your inner psychic. The spirit of lavender is strong and gentle. It works well with many other plants and is well suited for the bath (the name derives from the Latin verb lavare, to wash).

Lavender grows well in sunny, well drained soils and is very popular in gardens. This perennial herb can grow up to 3 feet tall and the purple-blue flowers sit atop a stem like a spike. The grey-green leaves can vary in shape with the different varieties but are usually long and narrow.