Solidago odore, S. canadensis

Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Deities: Sif, Innana

Element: Air

Native to the Eastern half of North America, the native peoples used goldenrod for intestinal issues, colic, urinary disorders and edema. Goldenrod tea became popular with the American colonists following the Boston Tea Party, when tea became scarce.

Medicinal Uses: Goldenrod is used to treat urinary and kidney infections ease the accompanying backache. This member of the sunflower family is also used to treat arthritis due to its eliminative action. The tannins is goldenrod are good for treating diarrhea and it has been used to clear infections of the respiratory system. Goldenrod also helps relieve gas.

Spiritual Uses: Goldenrod brings luck and is used in money spells.

Goldenrod is a perennial herb with narrow, long grass-like leaves and tiny yellow flower heads that grow along the top edge of long, thin branches. Growing up to 40 inches tall, goldenrod prefers dry, open or woody areas.