Echinaceae angustifolia, Echinaceae spp.

Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Deities: Ochosi

Element: EarthThis North American native was held in high regard by the native tribes people who knew of its medicine. As an immune strengthener, echinaceae can be found everywhere in everything.

Medicinal Uses: Echinaceae’s reputation for strengthening the immune system and cleansing the blood is well deserved. The roots and rhizome of this perennial herb are used to cleanse the blood in order to treat boils and abscesses. The infection fighting properties of this plant can help with tonsillitis and respiratory infections. Externally, a wash or poultice can be used to treat wounds, stings and bites, and urticaria. Unlike laboratory produced antibiotics, echinaceae will fight infection while strengthening the body’s immune system, not decreasing it.

Spiritual Uses: If you feel you need more inner strength or a boost to your soul, echinaceae may be able to help. This member of the sunflower family will strengthen what is already there (both internally and externally), not create something out of nothing. Echinaceae does play well with others so it is commonly used to strengthen and direct the effects (medicinal and spiritual) of the components.

Echinaceae grows up to 2 feet tall and has a single, striking purple/pink flower head on top of a single hairy long stalk. The hairy narrow oblong or lance-like leaves will also have long stalks the closer they are to the ground. Echinaceae prefers dry open spaces and works especially well with ginseng.