Cinnamomum spp.

Family: Lauraceae (Laurel Family)

Deities: Oshun, Shango, Pele, Ellegua, Apollo

Element: Fire

Oh wonderful cinnamon, we put you into everything and everybody knows that for a long time in our recorded history, you were worth more than your weight in gold, but do people remember why?

Medicinal Uses: Cinnamon is an excellent antibiotic and antifungal which is just one of the reasons it was so highly prized by the ancients (besides its terrific flavor). Also, cinnamon can help prevent food poisoning and makes bland foods a whole lot better. For pain relief, this spice derived from the bark of young cinnamon trees, contains anesthetic oils and are used for wounds and scrapes. Cinnamon will break down fats in your digestive tract, helping indigestion and some research has shown that cinnamon can help lower blood pressure.

Spiritual Uses: Cinnamon, has a spice and an oil, has been used by many cultures to to increase spiritual energy. It is a common ingredient in maney and healing spells. As a bringer of love, cinnamon is often used in romantics foods and wokings. The spirit of cinnamon brings a great warmth to any situation. If you are feeling down or depressed and are needing some gentle fire, try incorporating some cinnamon into your life. I have personally found that cinnamon and cayenne pepper go very nicely together, in spells and in the kitchen.

Cinnamon is derived from trees grown in Asia and the West Indies. The trees grow to be 50 feet tall and are in the same family as avocados, bay and sassafras. They have ovate-oblong leaves withe greenish flowers, arranged in panicles, and purple fruit that contain a single seed.