Capsicum spp.

Family:Solanaceae (Nightshade family)

Types: Jalapenos, Chiles, Habeneros, Serrano, Cayenne, Green Chilis, Poblanos, Cubans, etc.

Deities: Ellegua, Eshu, the Pomba Gira, Chango, Pele, Ogoun

Element: Fire

Many chilis (including jalapenos and chili petines) belong to the Capsicum annuum species which is one of the most common species. However, other species include Capsicum frutescens(from which we get the Tabasco pepper) and the habenero is from the species Capsicum chinense.

Spiritual Uses: All chili peppers will help to spice up your life. Chilis are literally fire in plant form and they will bring the heat of the flame into any spiritual working. Chili peppers are also highly protective (imagine a blast of spiritual pepper spray). Chilis range in heat from the mild poblanos and jalapenos to the very hot habeneros. Chili peppers are found through out the world’s cuisine however they originate from the New World. They may actually be the first cultivated crop of the Americas but spread rapidly after their “discovery” by Christopher Columbus.

Chili peppers are incredibly versatile. Besides cooking with them (for offerings or spellwork), you can also dry them and leave hanging around the house. Chili powder is a common ingredient for satchets or baths and I myself have 2 chili plants growing on my back porch for protection.

Not Recommended For:: If a situation is already too energetic or confused, chili pepper energy will only make it worse. Also, sometimes chili peppers are used to hide or mask unpleasantness. If you use chili pepper for a situation that is already past its expiration date, chili pepper may obscure the truth for a while which could result in prolonging the inevitable demise.