Here is some information we have put together on our favorite gems and minerals.


Element: Air

Deities: Oya, Artemis, Dionysus

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Increasing psychic power, Sobriety

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that promotes peace and stability. It corresponds to the third eye and crown chakras.

Amethyst is used to increase psychic power and can be used in meditation and chakra work. Some psychics will have amethyst nearby, in rock or jewelry form, when performing readings. It can be used in any spell meant to strengthen psychic abilities. Oya works well with amethyst as she is a powerful psychic herself. I keep a piece of amethyst on my altar at all times which has been dedicated to her.

It is a long standing belief that Amethyst will also help you stay sober. There is a famous myth which involves amethyst (in human form) and Dionysus. Dionysus kept pursuing her but she wasn’t interested. She finally prayed for help and Artemis turned her into a white stone. Dionysus was heart broken when he found her and poured his wine over her, which turned her stone body purple. If you are in recovery for drugs and/or alcohol, I would recommend keeping amethyst with you at all times to help you stay sober.

Amethyst has been used to ease the symptoms of alcoholism, insomnia and headaches. It was also used to treat mental illness. Amethyst works well with rhodonite to lighten the mind and spirit.


Element: Earth

Deities: Ochosi

Spiritual Use: Projective, Heart charka issues, Luck

Aventurine is usually quartz or feldspar that is spangled with particles of mica, hematite or some other mineral.

Historically, this stone was used to bring luck. Aventurine is strongly connected with the heart charka and can act as an activator, clearer and protector. It also helps to balance the masculine/feminine energies and the energy of the four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).

Aventurine has been used to treat disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and both the muscular and urogenital systems.


Element: Water

Deities: Yemaya

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Increasing psychic and creative abilities, Stimulating love and passion.

A copper-based mineral (like malachite), azurite should be touched or held against the skin to activate.

Most famously, azurite is used to increase psychic abilities as it is closely connected with the third eye. It will also increase creativity and decrease worry. Azurite can help tap into the heart and sacral chakras, stimulating love and passion. Medicinally,

Azurite has been used to treat spinal alignment problems, circulatory disorders and clear both toxins and growths from the body.

Azurite is a watery expression of copper while malachite is an earthy expression. It is common to see chunks of the green malachite in azurite and so not surprisingly, these two minerals work well together.



Element: Fire

Deities: Ogoun, Bridget

Spiritual Use: Projective, Healing, Strength and courage, Renewal

Bloodstone is a dark green form of quartz that will have flecks of red (caused by iron which may explain the connection to Ogoun).

Famous as a stone of healing for blood-related matters, bloodstone has also been used to increase strength and courage. Use it to help yourself accept change and the turmoil that comes along on your path of life.

Bloodstone can help renew and revitalize yourself and your relationships. It increases wisdom and on a purely spiritual level, it will help you achieve union with the divine and communicate with your ancestors.

Bloodstone has been used in the past to purify the blood, kidneys and the liver. It has also been used for a multitude of blood disorders (including leukemia) and the elimination of toxins.

Bloodstone seems to work well with rhodonite, especially for increasing circulation.

Blue Lace Agate

Element: Water

Deities: Yemaya

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Finding peace

Blue lace agate, a receptive, watery stone is used to connect with the higher chakras (heart and above). It is a subtle stone that gently helps relieve you of stress and find peace.

Blue lace agate has been used historically to treat arthritis, skeletal/bone, and pancreatic & digestion issues. It also seems to work well with aventurine (use to work with heart and third eye charkas). Blue lace agate and carnelian make wonderful polar opposites (different hands).


Element: Earth

Deities: Obatala

Spiritual Use: Projective, Amplifies existing energies

Calcite is one form of Calcium Carbonate and can range anywhere from transparent to opaque.

Calcite has the ability to amplify energy. This stone can be used in magickal spells to increase the power of the spells. It can also be used to direct energy inward.

Calcite is useful to students as a study aid as it helps open you up to deeper levels of understanding.

Medicinally, calcite has been used in the past to treat issues with the kidneys, pancreas and spleen. It also has been used to balance calcium in the body.

Yellow calcite can be quite energetic when put with other stones like clear quartz and serpentine. Yellow calcite is connected to the solar plexus.


Element: Fire

Deities: Chango

Spiritual Use: Projective, Raising energy levels (spiritual or physical), getting rid of negative energy

Connected to the Sun and the lower chakras (solar plexus and below), carnelian can raise your spiritual and physical energy levels.

Besides dispelling negative energy, carnelian also increases self-esteem and confidence. It can increase perceptiveness and awakens inner talents.

Medically, carnelian has been used in the past for treatment of neuralgia, gall and kidney stones, colds and pollen allergies.

It is not recommended to sleep with carnelian on due to its energy level because it can cause insomnia. Chango likes carnelian and pearl together.


Element: Earth

Deities: Ogoun, Mars

Spiritual Use: Projective, Strength

Hematite is a shiny, metallic stone that is actually the mineralized form of Iron (III) Oxide.

Hematite is a masculine stone that can provide strength during hard times. If you find yourself going through hell, hematite can help you gather the strength to do what you need to do. It is a hard working stone and not recommended for lazy people, unless they are willing to change their ways.

Ogoun is the Orisha of iron and therefore has a very strong association with hematite. If you need to set up an altar for Ogoun, hematite makes a great addition for it. If making something for Ogoun, consider using hematite in it.

Medicinally, Hematite was used in the past for leg, blood, nervous disorders and insomnia. It was also used for spine alignment issues. Rose quartz, a very feminine stone which helps with emotional healing, works well with hematite. Because of the male/female polarities exhibited by these two stones, they tend to balance each other out when used together. If someone is feeling emotionally off-balance (in either direction) consider carrying these two stones together for a while.


Element: Water

Deities: Kuan Yin, Buddha, Ma’at

Spiritual Use: Receptive, health, fidelity, money, wisdom

Beloved by both the Chinese and Mayan cultures, the list of properties that jade wasn’t used for would be shorter than the very long list of attributes assigned to this beloved mineral.

Generally speaking, jade was used to promote health and long life, fidelity, money, wisdom and bringing peace. Jade is carved into many different shapes and each shape will bring it’s own energy. >

Medicinally, jade has been used in the past to treat heart, hip, kidney and spleen problems.

Jasper (Brown)

Element: Earth

Deities: Babalu-aye

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Grounding, Protection

Brown jasper is a wonderful grounding stone that can help cleanse and eliminate negativity.

Jasper in general is well known as a protective stone. It is connected to the solar plexus and can balance the yin/yang energies.

Medically, jasper is used in the treatment of deteriorating organs of the digestive and elimination organs. It also soothes nerves and balances minerals in the body.


Element: Water

Deities: Nana Buruku, Isis, Inanna, Woden

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Destiny and spiritual evolution

Labradorite can help you find and understand destiny. It can also help you contact other dimensions and the beings that live there.

Labrodorite is connected with the moon and as such can help you with your own spiritual evolution. It will light the way as you discover your own unique self.

Labradorite has been used medicinally in the past to treat disorders of the brain, increase mental acuity and decrease anxiety. It has also been used to treat eye disorders. Larvakite is a silver/grey form of labradorite that seems to be especially connected to the moon.


Element: Earth

Deities: Gaia, Nana Buruku, Danu, St. Jude

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Prosperity, Protection, Grounding

Malachite is another copper-based stone that can bring prosperity into your business or your life. It is also a stone of protection. On the spiritual level, Malachite can help you through your own spiritual growth process and help you deal with the changes that come along your way.

While tradition holds that malachite is associated with the heart chakra, I personally get a very strong activation reaction when I place malachite next to my third eye. Also, use malachite to stay grounded, especially in terms of taking lofty ideas and manifesting them on the material plane.

Malachite has been used in the past to treat asthma, arthritis, torn muscles, swollen joints, growths and tumors. It has also been used to boost the overall immune system.

Malachite is an earthy expression of copper while Azurite is a watery expression. As it is common to see chunks of the green malachite in azurite and so it is not surprising that these two minerals work well together.


Types: Obsidian can come in a wide range of colors including black, dark green, brown, rainbow and “Snowflake” obsidian

Element: Fire

Deities: Baron Samedi, Oya, Pele, Freya, Wodin

Spiritual Use: Absorbing negativity, Grounding, Protection

Obsidian is volcanic glass primarily made up of silicon dioxide. The colors and types of obsidian will depended on the conditions of it’s formation and the impurities present. Because it is created by lava flows, obsidian has a natural affinity for volcano deities like Madam Pele.

Obsidian was used by many cultures to make arrow heads, knife blades and other really sharp implements of destruction. This where obsidian gets it’s reputation for protection. For this purpose, use an obsidian arrowhead as part of your protection spell.

I like to keep a big hunk of raw black obsidian around to absorb negativity. If you are attempting to do some emotional clearing, you will find obsidian can help you release that emotionally negativity. Obsidian is so good at absorb negative energy, please remember to smudge it with sage or cleanse it periodically or eventually it will break.

The green and brown varieties of obsidian are wonderful for grounding. If you find yourself scatter-brained or nervous, sit down and meditate with a piece either green or brown obsidian. It can help you find your center again.

Quartz, Clear

Element: All

Deities: A bunch of them including Obatala and Apollo.

Spiritual Use: Receptive/projective, Connects to every chakra (especially crown chakra), Used for almost everything (see below).

There are 4 things you need to know about Clear (or “Crystal”) Quartz:

    1. Quartz is silicon dioxide and is the most common mineral on our planet.
    2. Many gemstones are a form of quartz, including: rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, bloodstone, smokey quartz and rutilated quartz.
    3. Quartz can be both receptive and projective (hehe, it’s “bi-mineral”).
    4. Quartz can used to do almost anything (perhaps the only exception is absorbing negative energy, clearing-yes, absorbing-no).

You could write an entire book on the uses of quartz. So, to sum up, when in doubt, use clear quartz. It is especially good at helping you get in touch with your spiritual side and works well as a chakra aligner. Theoretically, quartz can be used with any other mineral.


Element: Earth

Deities: Mary Magdalene

Spiritual Use: Projective, Love and balancing

Rhodochrosite has the power to cleanse you and open you up for love. It can balance your mental facilities so that a higher level of spiritual attunement can be reached. Rhodochrosite can also balance the emotions and the male/female aspects.

This stone can help you absorb new information in order to use it in a practical manner.

Medicinally, rhodochrosite has been used in the past to treat elimination problems and digestive troubles. It has been used to balance the heart and slow the pulse rate. This stone has also been used for thyroid embalances.


Element: Fire

Deities: Pomba Gira, Mary Magdalene, Venus

Spiritual Use: Receptive, balancing the yin/yang energies, finding peace or love or both

Rhodonite can balance the yin/yang energies and help you find peace. It dispels anxiety and promotes a feeling of oneness with all of creation, especially with other human beings.

This stone can also help you find true, unconditional love by activating, stimulating and clearing the heart chakra. It will also ground your physical and emotional energy at the same time. This “earthy-Venus” connection is probably why rhodonite is associated with the sign of Taurus.

Medically, rhodonite has been used to treat emphysema, swollen joints, streptococcal throat infections, heart problems and arthritis.

Rhodonite and bloodstone seem to work well together.

Rose Quartz

Element: Water

Deities: Pomba Gira, Ezulie, Yemaya, Mary Magdalene

Spiritual Use: Receptive, Emotional healing

Rose quartz is a pink variety of quartz and has a calm, peaceful energy that can open you up to accepting love and beauty.

Rose quartz is one of the best emotional healing stones that I have found. Rose quartz works particularly well with women who suffered severe trauma as children. I have also used it to help people recover from more recent broken hearts (divorce, betrayal, etc.). Because of its healing action on the heart, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. All of that being said, Rose quartz doesn’t do well with drama queens.

Rose quartz is also a common ingredient in love spells. To draw love to you, I would recommend actually carrying the stone on your person, either in a bag around your neck or in your pocket.

Medicinally, Rose quartz can clear excess fluids and impurities from the body. Surprisingly, rose quartz (a very feminine stone) works well with hematite (a very masculine stone). I believe this is because hematite provides strength while rose quartz helps to heal. Because of the male/female polarities exhibited by these two stones, they tend to balance each other out when used together. If someone is feeling emotionally off-balance (in either direction) consider carrying these two stones together for a while.


Element: Fire

Deities: Quetzalcoatl, Danbala, Ayida Wedo, St. Martha

Spiritual Use: Projective, clearing the chakra path to make way for kundalini

Historically, serpentine was used to keep snakes away. Spiritually, serpentine can be used to clear out cluttered chakras in order to make way for the kundalini energy.

Medicinally, serpentine was used in the past for the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. This stone seems to work well with calcite.


Element: Water

Deities: Nana Buruku

Spiritual Use: Emotional centering and clarity

The most common variety of sodalite is a royal blue stone that usually has veins of white running through it. It is used often in jewelry making.

Sodalite can help you find your emotional center and identify your sources of emotional pain. This stone is often connected to the throat chakra and perhaps that is because sodalite can help you vocalize what exactly has hurt you the most. You can’t start to heal it if you can’t identify it first.

Some sources state that sodalite increases creativity and wisdom. This made it popular with artists and great thinkers in the past. It gets it’s name from sodium due to it’s high salt content.

Medicinally, sodalite has been used to treat high blood pressure and insomnia. Sodalite works well with moonstone to connect with the deep emotional spaces of our souls.

Tiger Eye

Element: Fire

Deities: Yellow-Babaluaye; Red-Thor; Dark Blue-Odin

Spiritual Use: Projective, Protection, Drawing wealth

Generally speaking, tiger eye is very protective. It can also help you see clearly, especially in terms of seeing bad situations before they happen. Tiger eye can help you find clarity. While the element listed for this stone is fire, it also has a strong earth component and therefore works well with earthy people.

All varieties have strong links with the third eye chakra however, yellow tiger eye is also connected to the solar plexus. Red tiger eye has a strong association with the sacral chakra and the blue variety of tiger eye is linked to the heart chakra. Medically, tiger eye has been used in the past to heal eye disorders, the throat and the reproductive system.