There are many forms of spiritual healing. Each culture through time has developed its own healing system. Our group focuses on several areas in particular including ritual, plant work, Chakra level healing.

As always, please use a healthy dose of common sense and always seek medical treatment for any ailment.

Moon Goddess


A ritual is simply any act that you do on purpose that has a significant meaning for you. Many times when we talk about ritual we are referring to some sort of spiritual/religious event. Perhaps, it is to mark a rite of passage like death, birth or initiation. Perhaps, it is a church service or coven circle. While many rituals have significance, they don’t necessarily have to be spiritual or religious. For instance, every morning a person might wake up, brush their teeth, feed the cat and make themselves some hot, caffeinated beverage. In that order, every morning. While your morning ritual may be important to you and your cat, it is not spiritual in nature.

The act of a spiritually significant ritual should be an extension of your personal beliefs. A spiritual practice should consist of both the (passive) set of beliefs that you have acquired and the (active) acts of ritual which is putting those beliefs to work.

So, a spiritual ritual can be anything you want it to be, as long as it is significant to you. That does not mean you should disrespect other people’s rituals. It is always good etiquette that whenever you are in someone else’s home or place of worship, be respectful or just leave if you are uncomfortable.

For more info, we have a separate ritual basics page.


A symbol is a visual image that conveys meaning on a deeper level. What is meant by a deeper level? A sign, in comparison, usually conveys a single meaning. A stop sign on the side of the road tells drivers to stop at that intersection. There should be no disagreement as to its meaning, unless of course two drivers have just gotten into an accident and then they may feel the need to discuss its meaning at length. A symbol differs from a sign in that it will have multiple meanings. Those meanings may depend on the viewer’s culture, age, life experience, religion or a hundred other variables. For instance, the major symbol of the Christian religion is a cross. The interpretation of that cross by a devout Christian will be very different than if the viewer was an atheist, a Jew or someone who left a Christian fundamentalist cult.

Symbols transcend the ordinary and speak to our subconscious minds. Every culture and spiritual path, past or present, uses symbols to speak higher level truths which cannot be expressed with words. To a Buddhist, the OM symbol is more than a word or chant. It expresses the sound of creation. A writer could fill pages and still not express all of the nuances of the OM symbol. Expanding on the definition of symbols, Joseph Campbell said in The Symbol without Meaning that a symbol is an energy evoking and directing agent. This is why they are used in spiritual, magic, and energy workings.

In Reiki, like other healing disciplines, symbols are used to both direct energy or to change the frequency of energy. Reiki symbols are used not only to change the frequency of the healing energy, but also in the initiation ceremony of practitioners. The symbols are “given” to new practitioners as part of the initiation which they will then use as part of their Reiki practice.

Symbols tap into the unconscious mind which in turn opens the doorway that allows our spirits to work in unison with plant spirits. This allows energy transmission which helps to set the intention for the healing. When used correctly, symbols call in the energy of the spirits so they are not just representations of the energy, they are the energy. Shamans use symbols to call the spirits in order to reinforce ritual intent. In the religion of Vodou, vévé symbols are used to call the spirits in rituals, along with chanting, drumming and dancing. They provide a platform for the Loa to sit. Each Loa have specific vévé symbols, which may vary depending on the background of the priest (Hougan) or priestess (Mambo) and aspect of the Loa being called. During ritual, the vévé becomes the embodiment of the Loa.

As part of our spiritual practice, we use plant symbols that we have received directly from the plants themselves. We have more information on the plant symbols in a separate article.


Understanding and working with chakras are an important part of any spiritual practice. We’ve put together some basic information on our chakra page to get you started.

Mineral spirits

The use of gems and minerals in healing and ritual predates modern history. We’ve written articles on some of our favorite gems and minerals.

Animal spirits

Many of us have been lucky enough to attract animal spirits into our lives. We’ve put together a collection of articles with information on some of those spirits.