This article was written by Ash, a member of Tribe of the Sun and our resident Reiki Master. She splits her time between the African and Nordic paths.

Also spelled: Odin

Traditional Colors: Gray, black, blue

Number: 9

Areas of Influence: Wisdom, Leadership, Magick

Entities associated with: Frigg, Thor, Freya, valkyries

Symbols: Ravens, wolves, the runes, Gungnir (spear), Sleipnir (horse), valknut

Offerings: Hot pockets, twinkes, pot pies, burritos, anything with a mystery filling as he loves to consume mysteries

Feast Days: Walpurgis, the festival of darkness, celebrated over nine nights from April 22 to May 1 (Odin’s sacrifice on Yggdrisal), The Fall Feast or Second Harvest Feast on The Fall Equinox (September 20-21), and The Wild Hunt, Wild Ride, or Woden’s Hunt December 20-31st (which eventually turn Woden and Sleipnir into Santa Claus and reindeer).

Astrology: Virgo

Tarot: The Hermit, The Hanged Man, The Magician

Chakra: Third eye, crown

Gemstones: Onyx, Moonstone, Labradorite

Animals: Ravens, Wolves, Horses

Entities of Similar Energy: Obatala, Mercury

Woden is the Allfather of the Nordic Pantheon. There are a ton of stories about him and his many, many aspects. Woden could run the gamut between caring father-figure of his people to warrior to wanderer to Mystery seeker. In all of his guises, only one thing remains constant…Woden is one clever bastard.

Properly Showing Respect to Woden

Woden accepts offerings of “junk food”, a stout beer in a drinking horn, silver and gemstone jewelry, and a traveling cloak. He loves to be talked about. To show proper respect to Woden, wear all new jewelry dedicated to him for nine days in a row. Any time you make a wand, broom, or collect wood used for runes, always collect the wood on Wednesdays.

Where to find Woden

You can always find Woden out traveling. In fact he’s now become my personal protector during journeys. In the home, Woden comes and goes as he pleases. I’m not sure how Frigg puts up with it. I guess she’s too busy running the place to really notice. Woden loves witches’ gatherings. Either it’s the magick, learning, creating, or beautiful women, but I haven’t been to a witches’ gathering yet that Woden did at least show up for a cameo.

Woden’s Children

Woden’s children are struck with wander lust and a constant desire for more knowledge. When they aren’t traveling, they spend their evening studying, learning, or in friendly debates over world events or mapping trends. Woden’s children often suffer some insomnia as their minds are constantly running and debating. They feel as comfortable alone in the woods as they do with in a crowd of people, and they are often seen as paradoxical or complex by other people. They enjoy figuring out what makes people tick and how to fix the world. They will pursue a career with constant change or mental challenge, they will enjoy word and number puzzles, and they may pursue a path of healing as they see illness as a cause and effect complicated puzzle that can be solved. Woden’s children are often meticulous and detailed oriented. I suspect if Sherlock Holmes was a real person he would have been a child of Woden.

Woden Story

Woden is always very involved in the initiation process of his followers. Most initiations are usually followed by a “re-wiring” event. A re-wiring is when all of a person’s electrical pathways have to be revamped and improved so that their pathways can handle the increased energy load on the system. Let it be known at this point, that if you find yourself in a rewiring event, you can always bargain with the gods to help work the re-wiring into your schedule.

One of Woden’s Children, “Wendy”, went through once such re-wiring event after an initiation. She thought she would be clever and make a bargain with Woden that her re-wiring event be as quick as possible. What she didn’t count on is that a 9 day or 9 month re-wiring event could be shoved into 9 hours. Let’s just say that this was probably one of Wendy’s most painful nights and no amount of Tylenol could alleviate.  She reported that it felt like someone had drilled holes through the palms of her hands, lit her body on fire, and generally tried to strip the bones out of her body. Needless to say, in the future she is going to be more careful and more specific when bargaining with the gods.

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