This article was written with the help of Ash, a member of Tribe of the Sun and our resident Reiki Master. She splits her time between the African and Nordic paths.

Traditional Colors: Red, green and white

Number: 5

Areas of Influence: agriculture, traveling, personal strength, fertility, justice

Entities associated with: Woden, Frigg, Loki, Sif (Thor’s wife)

Symbols: War hammer (Mjöllnir), Thuraz, thunder, oak tree, sea shells

Offerings: Beer, meat especially lamb, hearty bread

Feast Days: The first full moon in January

Astrology: Mars, Aries

Tarot: The Emperor, Chariot

Chakra: Solar plexus, root chakra

Gemstones: Carnelian, aventurine and coral

Animals: Goats, eagles, and bears

Entities of Similar Energy: Lugh, Jupiter, Chango, Archangel Michael

Thor is fun, hardworking, hard drinking blue-collar god of smithing, farming and adventuring. He is a doer not a thinker. He doesn’t sit around thinking deep thoughts like his father, Woden. No matter what obstacles he has to face, he usually does what he has to do with an upbeat attitude.

Thor drives a chariot pulled by 2 goats and kicks serious Nordic-butt with the help of a short warhammer Mjollnir. Many of his followers will wear a symbolic representation of Mjollnir. Like many of the Nordic gods, Thor’s life will end at Ragnorak when he dies killing the world serpent, Jormungandr.

Properly Showing Respect to Thor

Thor is a very upright and honest deity. Never lie to him, never break promises, and never take advantage of those that are weaker. He expects his followers to be virtuous, brave, hard-working, and joyous. To pay proper respect to Thor, make a thunderous toast to him with a stout beer and leave his offerings under an oak tree or in a field. If you call Thor to settle a matter of justice, make sure you are 100% in the “right”.

Where to find Thor

Thor is one of the most loved Norse deities. He has always been the god of the people. You can find him amongst his people in the fields, in the taverns, and in the home.

Thor’s Children

Thor’s children are always very hard-working, ‘good ole boys’. They are the ones that will help you when you need a hand fixing your car, roofing your house, or help digging the garden. Of course, they would never accept payment for their time unless that payment is in the form of cold beer and BBQ. Thor’s children are often struck with a little wander lust and have trouble relaxing at home. If they don’t have the opportunity to travel, then you’ll find them out in the yard every weekend working. They are extremely handy and probably have professions that work with their hands. Their temper can be explosive if you have the opportunity to see it though it’s rare. For the most part, they keep their heads down, plod right along, and are very devoted to their family.

Thor Story

I met Thor when I began dating my second husband, “JD”. He walked the Nordic path and was a child of Thor. Like his spiritual father, JD had a fun, upbeat attitude and a love of beer.

I was bringing my African-based Orishas into the relationship and wasn’t sure how the African and Nordic were going to mix, but my concerns were unfounded. There were a number of occasions when my Chango, Oya and Ogoun ran of to do battle with Thor by their side. Thor is very unjudgemental and seems to be willing to drink with anybody.

Years ago, I was driving onto a military base on lovely afternoon, and I saw Thor in the clouds. Specifically, I saw Thor killing the world serpent in the clouds. It was so incredibly detailed that I could see Thor’s bulging muscles and the braziers on his wrists. I almost ran off the road staring at the cloud formation. No statue of the event I have ever seen has does as much justice than those clouds.

I don’t know why I saw it but it has stayed with me. There’s a powerful lesson in that even though Thor knows how his story will end, he still keeps a positive attitude about life. Non-judgement and do what you have to do…these are some of the important ideas Thor has to teach us.

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