Traditional Colors: Green, white, and/or golden yellow

Number: 1 or 3

Areas of Influence: Money & financial matters, healing of children, saint of lost causes which puts just about anything under his influence (if the situation is desperate enough)

Entities associated with: Jesus, the other apostles (not Judas of course)

Symbols: Coins, images of Jesus, flame of the holy spirit

Offerings: Red wine, honey and honey based sweets (like baklava), goat’s milk, crusty bread, sweet bread, chicken or vegetable egg rolls

Feast Day: October 28th

Gemstones: Malachite, gold

Entities of Similar Energy: St. Expedite, Ellegua

Plants associated with: Mint, basil

Saint Jude, also known as Judas Thaddaeus, was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. He traveled to several countries spreading the gospel of Jesus. He was eventually killed with either an ax or a club. Many sources claim that because of the similarities of their names, St. Jude was confused with Judas Iscariot after the death of Jesus. Many Christians did not want to work with him. St. Jude was upset over the lack of veneration and became the miracle working saint in order to clear his name.

Because of his popularity, Saint Jude candles, medals, and prayer cards are easy to find. Often people will keep several of his candles on hand for emergencies. To ask for assistance, light one of his candles and tell him what you need. It was common practice to place an ad in a newspaper honoring Saint Jude in thanks of him fulfilling your request. With the rise of the internet, feel free to tweet your praises or give him a thumbs up on facebook.

Saint Jude and Saint Expedite have a lot of overlap…both deal with desperate situations. Saint Jude seems to be more appropriate for situations that have emotional distress and/or physical discomfort. Saint Expedite is generally better for specific situations that need immediate attention. For example, you lose your passport in a foreign country the day before you have to return home. In this situation where time is of the essence, you can call on Expedite for his help. In comparison, when your love life becomes a complete disaster, go to St. Jude for emotional clarity and to help you unravel your feelings so that you can make a decision.

Saint Jude can be found almost anywhere. He is a people saint and is accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Catholic Churches dedicated to Jude will be generally be a great location to contact him, if you have one in your city. He does like nature, especially outdoor green, moist areas.

Just the act of handing St. Jude your problem, may bring immediate emotional relief. It is not uncommon for Jude to reduce the enormity of a problem down to a manageable size. For example, after praying to St. Jude, you find all of your legal problems get resolved just by filling out a simple form.

Some sources claim that St. Jude is a vegetarian. We have found however, that St. Jude still likes to keep kosher, as he was born a Jew. If you are going to give him a food offering, make sure it doesn’t contain pork. If in doubt, vegetarian foods are fine.

St. Jude is always pictured with the flame of the Holy Spirit above his head. While this is usually mentioned as an aside, we believe this connection is why St. Jude is extraordinarily compassionate. Desperate people pour their hearts out to him everyday. No matter the size or the scope of our problems, St. Jude does not judge us, even when we have caused our own problems. If you are looking to explore the mysteries of the Holy Spirit, feel free to ask St. Jude for assistance.

saint jude Story

A close friend of mine, Beatrice, has her own small business. The last couple of years have been an emotional roller coaster for her and at times she has had to really push herself to keep her business growing. She had a convention coming up and she really needed to make some money. Things were desperate so I let her borrow my Saint Jude statue and told her to ask him for help. She took Jude with her to the convention.

She called me after the second night to tell me that even though the convention had been kind of soft, she had already far exceeded her necessary minimum. By the end of the convention, she had sold double the amount she had done the year before. She came back a believer in the powers of Saint Jude. I got her her very own Saint Jude statue and now they go everywhere together. She won’t do a show without him. Even her husband, an accountant and a regular doubting Thomas, has come to love Jude after experiencing his powers first hand.