This article was written by Vivianne, one of our members who works with many of the Saints.

Traditional Colors: Red and green

Areas of Influence: St. Expedite is petitioned for emergency needs or special favors. He is a master of crisis management, and responds very quickly to urgent prayer requests.

Symbols: Crow, Crosses, Palm branch

Offerings: Red flowers such as roses, carnations or Gerber daisies; Sara Lee pound cake; white rum; candles

Feast Days: April 19

Astrology: Planet Mercury

Tarot: 8 of Wands

Entities of Similar Energy: Mercury, Ellegua, St. Jude, Baron Samedi, St. Anthony, Chango

Our experience is that St. Expedite does not refuse a request so be sure that you are ready for what you are about to ask. Emergency saints work extremely quickly, so your own urgent need is the only prerequisite. When Expedite opens a door for you, he expects you to walk through it. Therefore, if there is any hesitation, don’t ask him for help until you are 100% ready. Keep in mind, this hard-working saint was once a Roman soldier. Accomplishing his mission diligently and without fear is what he does. So, for example, if you ask him to help you find a new job, do not turn it down when it is offered to you, or he may not help you again.

Saints follow a code of honor. If you promise Expedite six red roses for helping you find that new job, you had better well deliver those roses with the same expediency he showed you.

St. Expedite has a rather mercurial nature, and he expects to be recognized, usually publicly, for his efforts. Praise his name in the want ads of your local newspaper, on social media, or thank him loudly in a public square. As he has a fine sense of humor, he’ll get a real kick out of the last one.

St. Expedite is famously venerated at an elaborate roadside shrine on the island of Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, and in New Orleans at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. His cult is established in other places such as Turin, Italy; Santiago, Chile; Mexico City, Mexico; and San Antonio, Texas. His statues and prayer cards are easily obtained and many people keep his constant presence on their home altars.

If you don’t already have a relationship with St. Expedite, there are tons of resources out there already with prayers, spellwork and novenas for him. The number nine is a common theme, as supplicants will perform 9 hour and 9 days prayers to him. He is incredibly popular in Catholicism, Hoodoo and Conjure, Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo. His cult is also growing among practitioners of Espiritismo. Each tradition will have their own way of asking him for assistance.

St. Expedite’s sacred word is HODIE which is Latin for ‘today’. That should give you an idea of just how effective, and passionate he can be when you ask him to advocate on your behalf.

A thousand hymns to glorious Expeditus,

Who shed his blood in Armenia,
Whose name was written in Heaven,
 And gained the laurel of martyrdom.

– Hymn to St. Expedite


Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite