This article was written by Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Traditional Colors: green, white, and gold

Numbers: 3 and 7

Areas of Influence: Female issues, (female) justice, menstrual cycles, horses, the female form, motherhood, reiki, healing (especially the abdomen), moon, fairies/devas

Entities Associated with: Pwyll, Pryderi, Manawyddan, Branwen

Symbols: moon, three birds (green, yellow, and white), white mare, female form, triscele

Offerings: Bailey’s and Kahlua on vanilla ice cream, Bailey’s on ice, things that grow in the earth AND aren’t phallic (turnips, radishes, tubers, cranberries, and rice are good; no carrots, nuts, milk, apples, cherries, berries, or oats), hot tea with cream and sugar

Astrology: Gemini

Tarot: Empress, Moon, Prince of Cups

Chakra: Sacral

Gemstones: moonstone, speckled stones (leopardskin jasper, autumn jasper, white speckled jasper)

Animals: mares, birds (green, yellow, and white)

Entities of Similar Energy: Epona, Macha

Plants associated with: yarrow, birch trees, yellow poplars

Rhiannon (RHEE-awn-on) is the Fairy Queen. She’s gay, and she doesn’t like men, they’re only for procreation. She has perfect breasts and no pubic triangle or belly button (fairies are born from eggs, not the womb). She’s regal, and she walks like a queen. She’s the Welsh horse and moon goddess. She also encompasses the three cycles of womanhood, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, in her various stories.

Properly Showing Respect to Rhiannon

Show respect to horses, birds, and plants. Act with compassion and be nurturing. Don’t lie or steal. She likes sparkly stuff, hairless cats, and thunder. She likes Dianic Wicca. There should be nothing phallic or manly in offerings or rituals for Rhiannon.

Where to Find Rhiannon

Gay bars, and hospitals where sex changes occur, stables and other horse-related places, and forests

Rhiannon’s Children

Women, 99% of Rhiannon’s children will be women. I’m a child of Rhiannon, and I suspect Stevie Nicks may be another (if not then she seems to be strongly influenced by her). We have in common a May 26th birthday and bad luck with men. I suspect that Rhiannon likes geminis, and her daughters will have a hard time maintaining healthy, long-lasting relationship with men. She would only have a male spiritual child if he was truly female on the inside.

Rhiannon Story

Rhiannon’s dealing with men don’t seem to go all that well. Her dad picked out a husband for her who she didn’t like very much, so she rode off and found herself another, Pwyll. (Dad & Suitor didn’t like that; a friend of theirs came back for vengeance later.) She worked for three years to get her baby, Pryderi, and he was stolen from his crib while she slept after labor. She got Pryderi back about seven years later, and he was a very sweet boy. Pwyll eventually died of old age.

Rhiannon married Manawyddan. Pryderi and Manawyddan were out hunting, and Pryderi ran into a cave that trapped him in another world. Manawyddan reported back to Rhiannon that he lost her son, and she yelled at him while running out the door to go after her boy. She got caught in the trap too. Manawyddan managed to free them after about three years (by the friend who came back for vengeance). Gwyddion killed her son sometime after that (Pryderi’s sweetness used against him). So Rhiannon is pretty much done with men, but she has told us that she likes John Travolta.

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