This article was written by Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Traditional Colors: grey, black, and white

Numbers: 3

Areas of Influence: eloquence, communication, writing, learning, poetry, war, ogham, moon

Epithets: Milbél “honey tongue”; Grianainech “sun face”; Lord of Words; Eloquent One

Symbols: beith carved seven times on a piece of birch, writing utensils

Offerings: tea or biscuits with HONEY; mead, spring water, Irish or Scotch whiskey

Feast Days: World Poetry Day March 21st

Astrology: Mercury

Tarot: Emperor, Moon

Chakra: Third Eye

Gemstones: grey moonstone, marble, labradorite

Animals: black panther, barn owl, spider

Entities of Similar Energy: Orunmila, Thoth, Woden, Ogmios, Heracles

Plants associated with: pine, birch, alder, willow, oak, hazel

The ogham belong to Ogma in the same way that runes belong to Odin. I’ve found that I have to use the ogham for divination if I’m asking questions about Ogma; the tarot won’t give me anything useful. Ask for Ogma’s assistance if you’re nervous about public speaking.

Properly Showing Respect to Ogma

Ogma is a warrior, one of the great champions of the Celts, and one of “the three gods of skill” along with the Dagda and Lugh. He is very honorable, and you should always act honorably towards him. Do not lie to him; all words should be honest. As a god of eloquence, he likes pretty words. Offer your pretty words to him, along with food and drink that include honey. Clean your house! Every time I’ve prepared for an ogham making session, I’ve had to do some cleaning, and others have verified this claim. It probably is related to his ogham meaning purification.

Where to find Ogma

Library/bookstore, poetry readings, Obama speeches, hiking on a forest trail, an honorable fight (he’s not showing up for just any barroom brawl, unlike some other Celts)

Ogma’s children

Writers, bards, poets, motivational speakers; anyone who can bind others with their words could be a child of Ogma, if they have good intent. Any of his children who use their word skills with bad intentions will be spurned.

Ogma story

Ogma can be highly demanding on occasion, and he has a tendency to like things “just so”. So if you are going to do something, you better do it right! I had just finished making my brand new set of 60 ogham in clay. I was so excited that I decided to have a few test pulls. I wanted to learn more about Ogma. All of my questions in regards to Ogma’s preferences, feast days, and stories came back with hideous and confusing answers. It was like he was telling me to leave him the hell alone. I walked into the Ash’s office heartbroken and proceeded to tell her my tales of woe. She looked at me and asked, “Did you remember to dedicate your ogham to Ogma?” My only reply, “UGH!” *face palm*. I had been ready to believe that he hated me, so I was okay with that answer after I got over my forgetfulness. The ogham and I have gotten along fabulously since I dedicated them.

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