This article was written by Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Traditional Colors: red, yellow, and blue

Number: 7

Areas of Influence: healing, self sacrifice, medical technology, herbal medicine

Entities Associated with: Dian Cécht, Airmid

Symbols: the nGetal ogham

Offerings: mead, red wine, scalloped potatoes, Irish whiskey

Feast Days: Stem Cell Awareness Day (9/23), Head Injury Awareness Day (3/20)

Astrology: Chiron

Tarot: Prince of Cups

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Gemstones: tiger eye (red, blue, and regular)

Animals: lizards, seals, starfish

Entities of Similar Energy: Babaluaye, Chiron

Plants associated with: all herbs used for healing

Miach is a powerful god of healing who specializes in surgery. He’s 6’4” with red hair and a red beard, an intense face, and green eyes. He’s got a great sense of humor, and a sad family story. He thinks lesbians are hot.

Properly Showing Respect to Miach

Bring your sense of humor if you want to have a conversation with Miach. He likes to laugh. Laughter is a part of healing, after all. Where to find Miach Places of healing and places with lesbians.

Miach’s children

The keyword is healers. They may also have Miach’s flaming red hair or great sense of humor.

Miach story

For a great Miach story, check out Sephrena’s “Irish Orisha” blog entry.

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