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Traditional Colors: red, yellow

Number: 5

Areas of Influence: Sun, storms and lightning, harvest

Entities Associated with: Dagda, Nuada, Ogma

Symbols: Sun, spear or sling, lightning, leprechaun

Offerings: corn, grain, sheafs of wheat, fresh baked bread, and other symbols of harvest, he probably likes peppers too

Feast Days: Lughnasadh, August 1st

Astrology: Sun

Tarot: Sun, King of Wands

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Gemstones: Carnelian, amber

Animals: Lynx

Entities of Similar Energy: Apollo, Chango, Thor

Plants associated with: grain, wheat

Lugh (Loo) god of the sun, lightning, and grain harvest; also fire, metallurgy, crafting, and weaving; Lugh is a man of many skills. He gained entrance to Tara by offering his skills as a wright, smith, swordsman, harpist, hero, poet, historian, sorcerer, and a craftsman. Tara already had each of these positions filled, but they didn’t have one man who was skilled in all of them.

The Lughnasadh fall harvest sabbat is named for him. He was locked up by his fellow gods before the last battle against the Fomorii with nine guards to protect him, because they wanted to ensure his wisdom would be preserved for mankind’s benefit. He escaped when he heard that Balor killed Nuada, and he killed Balor on the battlefield, rallying the Children of Danu to victory. When he cornered Bres of the Fomorians, Lugh negotiated to preserve Bres’s life in exchange for Bres teaching the Celts about growing and harvesting crops. He is the son of Cian, who is the son of Cainte, the god of speech. He is sometimes considered a trickster.

Properly Showing Respect to Lugh

The best time to talk to Lugh would be in the middle of the day with lots of sunshine.

Where to Find Lugh

Sun-drenched fields of crops

Lugh’s Children

A child of Lugh would be extremely multi-talented and artistic, an appreciator of the arts, crafty, and probably not someone you want to cross swords with.

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