This article was written by Ash, a member of Tribe of the Sun and our resident Reiki Master. She splits her time between the African and Nordic paths.

Also spelled as: Quan Yin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin

Also known as: Goddess of the Southern Sea, One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World, Lady Who Brings Children, and Observer of All Sounds (i.e. hears all prayers)

Traditional Colors: White

Number: She likes numbers that represent balance such as 2 and 4 possibly also 3 or 19.

Areas of Influence: Balance, tranquility, compassion, healing, mercy, fecundity, protector of seafarers, and often invoked by those under prosecution or invoked post-burial to free and guide the soul

Entities associated with: Buddha, Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Kwannon

Symbols:: Willow branch, white lotus, vase of divine nectar of life or holy dew, scroll of prayers representing the dharma or the sutra, and a rosary

Offerings: Water, juice, green or jasmine tea, stream chilled fruit, lychees, white silk, oranges, rice cakes, and white paper lanterns

Feast Days: The 19th of the second lunar month on the Chinese calendar is considered her feast day occasionally called her birthday. She also has holy days on the 19th day of the sixth and ninth lunar months.

Astrology: Pisces

Tarot: Art/Temperance, 2 of swords

Chakra: Third eye and heart

Gemstones: White jade, river stone, lightest green jade, and possibly moonstone

Animals: Butterflies, green dragonflies (also dragonflies in flight), white doves (only white)

Entities of Similar Energy: Virgin Mary and Yemaya (calm seas only), Isis

Kuan Yin is a great mother goddess of peace and compassion known throughtout the Asian countries. There are hundreds of stories about her and each culture has their own interpratation of what she is like. Simply put, Kuan Yin is a cool drink of water for the spiritual soul. She brings a feeling of gentle peace that is so hard to find in this busy world of ours.

Properly Showing Respect to Kuan Yin

Place a statue of Kuan Yin in a place where there is often cool running water. This place can your bathroom, kitchen, or garden.  Try to take time out of your day and meditate on Kuan Yin and the teachings of Buddha. One of the most important lessons of Buddha is that the heart with mind; compassion with wisdom; love with truth. The two should always be in balance. Kuan Yin embodies that balance, and the peace and enlightenment that come with being in balance.

Simple Kuan Yin’s mantra you can sing or chant:

“Namo Guan Shih Yin Pusa” which roughly translates to “Homage to / Observer / World / Voice / Bodhisattva” (roughly: Homage to Observer of All Sounds)

“Om Mani Padme Hum” which translates to “Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus”

Where to find Kuan Yin

Cool clear streams, any Buddhist temple, hospitals, places of peace, but mostly in your own heart as there is a Kuan Yin in us all.

Kuan Yin’s Children

I don’t get the impression that Kuan Yin had children of her own. Instead all people are her children. She promises all people compassion, love, truth, mercy and enlightenment.

If Kuan Yin has children, they would be someone like Mother Teresa or Gandhi; someone who was willing to make sacrifices for the good of the many. They would also never be violent and show great compassion.

Kuan Yin Story 

When Kuan Yin showed up in my life, it was the literally a cool washcloth on my spiritual forehead. I have a tendency to have a very restless soul, and Kaun Yin is the direct opposite of restless. That night I got the best nights sleep I had in ages.

The next day Kuan Yin showed up at my office and made all the turmoil of work disappear. I received the news of forward progress on a project I had been sitting on for six months, the bosses (that normally want information yesterday even though they only just now notified you today they wanted it yesterday) were blissfully quiet, and a light rain shower swept threw the afternoon causing the temperatures to be down right pleasant for Texas summers. A butterfly lazily flapped by the window, a green dragonfly landed on the tree, a lazy wind barely brush the leaves, and a calm after rain peace set into the building. It was a great day. I can’t say that I got much work done that day, but it was a great day.

Kuan Yin followed me home even though I had to complete hectic projects like grocery shopping, cleaning my house, and folding my laundry. The important message I discovered is that Kaun Yin is not lazy, but she believes in taking her time and enjoying each daily chore as it is as important as meditation, breathing, or performing a sacred ceremony. Any time I tried to hurry though the dishes, I would feel a little out of breath. When I slowed down and was methodical about every wipe of the sponge, I found peace within myself.

Meditate upon Kuan Yin, and discover your own inner peace.

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