Traditional Colors: White, gold and all shades of blue

Number: 7

Areas of Influence: The moon, water (in general) and rivers with deep water, metalworking, motherhood, healing & surgery, kids & families, the health of children

Entities associated with: Horus, Osirus

Symbols: The medical caduceus, an ankh with a snake (asp) wrapped around it.

Offerings: Green onions or scallions (no white onions), Garlic, Everclear™ or top shelf Tequila, Soap made from Yucca

Feast Days: Multiple including: October 10th, November 12-14th, January 7-8th, July 17-18th

Astrology: Moon

Tarot: The High Priestess

Chakra: Crown chakra

Gemstones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise, gold

Animals: Deer, oxen, peacocks, whales

Entities of Similar Energy: Nana Buruku, Mary Magdalene (who some believe was a priestess of Isis)

Plants associated with: Mint, eucalyptus, belladonna, irises, valerian root, lotus flowers and yuccas

Many things have been written about Isis so my intent here is to add additional information, not rewrite the thousands of words that sing here praises.

Isis is very royal and classy, conceited and doesn’t work well with others. She is very involved in medical matters and invented surgery. She will cut off the bad parts to save the whole. She also will terminate very sick fetuses, children or adults. She also delivers medicine and healing to the earth. Isis works a lot with plants and has no issue killing plants to save human lives. She would also be willing to destroy crops to heal in mass.

Isis will go to the 4 corners of the earth to hide things. She likes puzzles and games. Isis likes dressing up girly (in blues) and likes the black Madonna representation of herself. She has been known to appear as a pretty, frail, black maiden. She has wings and can get to places very quickly. She will call on the archangels as she has angelic energy. She only usually uses men for sex. That being said, temple whores would work under Isis as they administer healing.

Properly Showing Respect to Isis

She works alone and wants full credit for her efforts. If you ask to help with a problem, do not ask anyone else to work on the same problem. Do not mess with her stuff either. Anything you give to her as a sacred object should not be touched or used by anyone else (cleaning is ok-she is very clean).

Where to find Isis

Isis can be found in the children’s ward or children’s surgical ward of any hospital. She also likes rivers that are big and deep enough to have their own undercurrent.

Isis’ Children

Isis mainly has daughters. They will be proud, bitchy women who have no problem speaking their own minds. They are also the matriarch of their families and have to care for everyone else. Her daughters will be drawn to some sort of healing or scientific research fields. A daughter of Isis will probably have multiple mates and probably children with different fathers in their lifetimes.

Isis Story

I have a very good friend, “Sage” who is a daughter of Isis and has many of the same personality traits. Sage is a proud, bitchy woman who will hit you over the head with the truth stick when you need it. She is also the matriarch of her family and raised all of her siblings and then her own children.

Sage loves Isis and enjoys having the goddess in her life with one major exception…the flooding. Ever summer my friend’s apartment will flood. Every year it something different causing the flood but like clockwork she can count on the water coming from somewhere. One year it was the bottom of the toilet, another year, the back of the toilet. This last summer it was the upstairs air conditioning. A couple years ago pipes burst. Sage swears this has occurred almost every year she has been on this earth, no matter where she has lived.

I believe this flooding is connected to the flooding of the Nile river. Like her spiritual mother, Sage has a connection to the flooding cycle, which is a form of spiritual cleansing. The waters take away all of the pain and misery from the last year and leave behind fertile soil. Unfortunately for Sage, that new fertile soil is deposited on her living room floor.

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