This article was written by Ash, a member of Tribe of the Sun and our resident Reiki Master. She splits her time between the African and Nordic paths.

Traditional Colors: Gold

Number: 7

Areas of Influence: Love, Marriage, Prophecy, Home, Fertility, Childbirth

Entities associated with: Woden, Norns, Balder, valkyries

Symbols:: Spindle, keys, amber and gold necklaces

Offerings: Mead, fresh fruit, milk

Feast Days: May 1st. (It’s not listed anywhere, but I got a yes when I asked if this was Frigg’s feast day. I also asked about Ostara was Frigg’s feast day and got a yes also. I believe the holiday Ostara is shared with Freyr, Freya, and Frigg.)

Astrology: Venus

Tarot: The Empress, The High Priestess

Chakra: Root, sacral, and heart

Gemstones: Amber

Animals: Cats, hawks/falcons, boars

Entities of Similar Energy: Oshun Ololodi, Yemaya, Nana Buruku

Some people will call Frigg and Freya different aspects of the same goddess, and some people will call them two different goddesses. Freya is young, vivacious, impulsive at times, will fight the battles next to her valkeryies, and will help you fall in love but maybe not a lasting relationship. Frigg is older, more motherly, owns the keys to all of the halls, can see the future, and is involved with marriage and prophecy. They both have half the slain, they both have half the valkeryies, they both are married to Woden, they both take part in the Wild Hunt, and they have similar likes and symbols.

Properly Showing Respect to Frigg

Frigg is the woman that knows her own mind, and she’s the only person who has mythologies of out-smarting Woden! You can show her proper respect by giving her your RESPECT. Take care of your responsibilities, take care of your responsibilities to others, and treat your fellow human with the respect that they deserve.

Where to find Frigg

Schools, children’s hospitals, maternity wards, and homes

Frigg’s Children

Frigg’s children are clever, cunning, strong-willed, very loving/nurturing people, and usually teachers or priestess. They believe in you finding your own answers and way in life, but they will give you the tools to get there. They are natural leaders and often take the lead in both work and home environments. Frigg’s children are often parents that always know where their children are and if they are up to no good (as if they can read minds or something!).

Frigg Story

Bring a goddess to work day occurs when you are engrossed in some project, and you look up to find that you aren’t alone in your office. Well this happened to me one week for several days in a row. Every time I’d look up, I thought Freya was in my office. Every time I’d ask if I was correct, I would find out that the goddess in my office was actually Frigg and not Freya as I had thought.

Finally out of confusion and mostly just wanting to know why Frigg was hanging out, I found myself on Sephrena’s doorstep. Many questions later and half the tarot desk, I found out that Frigg is my spiritual aunt. I also found out something more interesting…in my spiritual world, Frigg and Freya are aspects of the same deity. Frigg is the aspect I know. I was given permission to celebrate Frigg on Freya’s feast days, to use a Freya pendent I really loved to make a Frigg necklace, but I got told “No” for a Freya statue I also loved by the same artist. (I think the reason is because it has Freya’s name inscribed on the bottom of the statue.)

The moral of the story is religion is not a one-size-fits all. What works for someone else might not work for you. It’s always important first learn a strong foundation, meet your spiritual guides, and find your own spiritual path. There are many people in this world that will help you find your way when you have questions, but it’s you who has to walk your own path.

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