Traditional Colors: Crimson, Scarlet

Number: unknown

Areas of Influence: Children, healing, protecting children from danger (especially demonic attacks), blood, helps drivers on long journeys stay focused, revenge

Entities associated with: Ogoun, all Erzulies, Yemaya, Isis & Erzulie Red Eyes form a powerful healing trio.

Symbols: Red eyes, flames

Offerings: Fatty pork (such as a fatty pork roast), spicy desserts, dark pomegranates, blood oranges or clementines, rum with a long red pepper in it, dark cigars.

Feast Days: Midsummer, Lammas

Astrology: the planet Jupiter

Tarot: The Emperor card

Chakra: Solar plexus

Gemstones & Minerals: Rubies, Garnets, lava rocks, red clay

Animals: Dogs, tigers and other solitary cats.

Entities of Similar Energy: Madame Pele

While tradition holds that Erzulie Red Eyes is an aspect of Erzulie Dantor, this page is dedicated to Erzulie Red Eyes as a separate entity.

Erzulie Red Eyes is a very scary woman but she is absolutely not evil, demonic or a vampire. She is just really angry and she doesn’t speak. You will know when she enters a room because your eyes will itch. She has the ability to form shadows around herself so that all you will see are her burning red eyes. She is a shadow walker. I was told that at one time she was called a vampire. This is not true. I believe this association arose because of her attraction to blood. This attraction may also explain her choice of Ogoun as a mate. Ogoun is the iron in the blood.

Frankly, everybody is afraid of Erzulie Red Eyes because of her bad reputation. She can be abusive, quick to anger and holds a grudge. Most people only contact her for her angry side or when they want revenge. While she can bring the power of hate into a situation, there also exists the non-angry side of her. She’s tired of only being invited to the negative revenge situations and not the fun stuff. Generally, this is why she doesn’t like people or possessing them.

Erzulie Red Eyes hates the idea of hell or anything demonic. She doesn’t even like a discussion of hell. I was told that this is why she doesn’t like most Christians because they are obsessed with hell. She will not physically hurt humans but if they piss her off, she will withdraw her protection of them and allow them to hurt themselves. She really likes high classed call girls and black men with muscles and baby faces (she specifically mentioned LL Cool J).

Erzulie Red Eyes has a wicked sense of humor. She finds the most inappropriate things funny. She likes the Friday the 13th series and the Scream movies. She found both the Clinton/Lewinsky affair and the Lorena Bobbitt incident freakin’ hilarious. One of her favorite stories is about the Buddha:

Buddha and another monk were walking along and met a naked woman trying to cross the river. Buddha let the naked woman crawl up onto his back and he carried her across the river. Once across, she climbed off and went about her way. Buddha and the now horrified companion continued on their journey. After a little while, the monk finally asked Buddha why he would carry that naked woman on his back when it is forbidden to touch a woman. Buddha responded with “I left that woman at the river, why are you still carrying her?”

Properly Showing Respect to Erzulie Red Eyes

She likes red velvet, red candles and red velvet cake (but no cream cheese) made with a bit of cayenne pepper. She does not like milk or dairy products of any kind. She does not like spicy meats however she likes spice in her desserts and peppers in her rum. She especially likes cinnamon and cayenne pepper together. She hates messiness and dust so be sure to thoroughly clean a space before setting up an offering.

Where to find Erzulie Red Eyes

Erzulie Red Eyes can be found in your car when your driving on the road or in children’s hospitals (especially the surgical wards). She can also be found in a place with red clay (such as Sedona, Arizona, or Southern Utah) or any place that has evidence of volcanic activity.

Erzulie Red Eye’s Children

Erzulie Red Eyes does not normally have children of her own. However, she will involve herself with humans she likes.

Erzulie Red Eye’s Story

As I mentioned previously, Erzulie Red Eyes will not hurt someone directly but if angered she will withdraw her support and let someone hurt themselves. I don’t believe she was involved in the following incident, however, I believe it is a good illustration of the concept. Of course, all names have been changed.

I was in the military with a girl we’ll call Caroline. Pvt Caroline was quite the slut. I know this because I partied with her on occasion. Anyway, Caroline was ambitious and wanted to get ahead in her career in the criminal justice system. Enter Sgt. Ferrera. Sgt Ferrera was a serious hottie who had slept with a number of ladies in our unit. Unfortunately, Sgt Ferrera had a wife back home and was being investigated for adultery. Caroline and Sgt Ferrera had a brief fling and instead of owning up to sleeping with a married man when interrogated, she claimed rape. Sgt Ferrera was was thrown in jail for a short time and then dishonorably discharged from the military.

Now, everyone in our unit knew that while Sgt Ferrera was a dog, he was no rapist. There was so much anger against Caroline that she was transferred to another nearby post. Six months later, after Pvt Caroline was promoted, she apparently had continued her free-lovin’ life style. Caroline was partying in the all male barracks of one of the engineering companies and got herself gang-raped. She was in such bad shape, she had to be sewn up at the hospital. She was then the subject of disciplinary action for being in the all-male barracks to begin with and was busted down to private again.

I would never condone rape in any situation or for any reason. However, I believe that in this case, the powers that be allowed Caroline to get her own self into trouble. She committed a reprehensible act and later on, set herself up to be the victim of the same act she had lied about. I believe that if we intentionally hurt people or do bad things, the higher powers may withdraw their support and protection of us and allow us to get our own asses in a sling.

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Disclaimer: You may find that some of the information on this page differs from the traditional beliefs of some African Diaspora practices. The information on this page has been gathered from personal experiences and while we respect those who walk the more “Traditional” paths, we have some different beliefs concerning the Orishas and Loa.