Historical Importance: Holy Roman Emperor, united most of what is modern Western Europe

Symbols: Crowns, coins, signet rings, royal seals

Colors: White and gold

What he teaches: Leadership mentoring, strategic thinking in all that you do, the importance of constant learning, finding your voice and reaching your goals, moderation and finding the middle ground, conflict resolution

Charlemagne was famous for his strategic thinking and he represents the height of the Holy Roman Empire. He knew how to synthesize religion, culture and politics that set the foundation for what is now Western Civilization. Even though he might have been illiterate or partially literate when he was younger, he eventually learned to speak and write in his native Frankish, Latin, and some Greek. Learning and education was very important to him and he created a golden age for knowledge called the Carolingian Renaissance. He will push you to keep learning and growing.

Charlemagne can help a newly promoted executive or spokesperson develop their voice. He stresses the importance of constant learning and self improvement. Be the living example, don’t just talk about it. He pushes leaders to excel at their natural talents. Know what you are good at…know your limits but work to strive past them.

Often, when he is present, people will feel a heaviness in their chest and lungs. This may be due to what he died of (pleurisy) or it may be a reflection of the weight of his voice.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Charlemagne understood how to connect to people and manage to unite populations, either through diplomacy or war, who weren’t naturally allied. The history books are filled with the stories of his military campaigns but he also a world class administrator. He built a new form of civilization. These lessons are harsh…Do what you can to make progress without stripping away people’s dignity. Create the opportunity for people to thrive.

Laws and binding agreements were of the utmost importance to him. The controversial story of his crowning by the Pope is important because everyone understands the symbol of the crown. We all know on a subconscious level that whoever wears the crown, is in charge. All the symbols and attributes of kingship are not worn out of ego, they are worn out of duty and service.

Charlemagne had his faults, and it’s easy for armchair historians to pick apart his decisions, but he was able to create something that had never been done before. He built upon the successes of his grandfather, Charles Martel, and his father, Pepin the Younger, and the repercussions of his choices are still felt today. Whether you are the leader of a Fortune 500 company, a newly promoted manager or building your own small business, if Charlemagne shows up for you, he will teach you how to navigate the waters of diplomacy and strategic thinking in order to be the most successful you that you can be.

If Charlemagne was alive today, he would either be in politics or he would be the world’s greatest life coach. His spirit is present every time landmark legislation is signed, treaties are made and peaceful resolutions are found.

Charlemagne, like many of the ascended masters, is not available to everyone. Ascended masters tend to be selective in who they show up for and when they appear. They are teachers and their role is to help you learn and grow. They may only be around for a short while or they may stay with you for a longer time period.