Also spelled: Shango

Traditional Colors: Red and white and gold

Number: 4 (or 6)

Areas of Influence: Life, Virility, Justice, Protection, Magick, The Element of Fire, Lightning and Thunder, Drumming

Entities associated with: St. Barbara

Symbols: Double headed axe, thunderstones, drums, lightning bolts, necklace made of alternating red and white beads, red and white stripes

Offerings: Alcohol, chili peppers, hot/spicy foods, tamales, corn bread, okra, tobacco

Feast Day: December 4th

Astrology: Leo, the planet Mars

Tarot: The King (or Knight in Thoth deck) of wands, the Prince of Wands

Chakra: Sacral chakra

Gemstones: Fire opals, carnelian, gold, diamonds

Animals: Cats, both large and small, Cardinals, Golden Tamarin Monkeys, Red Siamese fighting fish, Turtles

Entities of Similar Energy: Mars, Thor and Other War Gods

Plants associated with: Hibiscus, marijuana, chili peppers, sassafras, china berry and red oak trees


Hide your daughters and say hello to the original bad boy. Originating from West Africa, Chango is manly and oh-so-sexy. He fights hard and plays hard. First off, he embodies life energy, lightning and the element of fire. He is very much ALIVE and just full of energy. He is virile and just oozes power, wrapped in a rock star swagger. Chango also has a temper and when angered will administer quick justice. There is a story about how Chango was a king here on earth and while angered he was too quick to judge and committed an unforgivable act (the specific act changes with the origin of the story).

He was so upset over what he had done, he then hung himself on a tree. Because he was so powerful, he was able to administer justice from beyond the grave. His followers said that Chango did not die (or hang-depending on your translation). He went on to become one of the most famous Orishas.

Chango is married to many wives including Oya, Oshun and the Pomba Gira. His first wife was Oba but she is no longer involved with him. He is the drummer (thunder are the drums of nature) and it is said that he owns the drums. He loves with all of his heart and will give his loved ones anything. Chango is a sorcerer and is very proficient in magick and spell-work.

Hibiscus flower

Properly Showing Respect to Chango

Chango has an absolute taboo against the dead or anything having to do with the dead. This is because he is the life force and therefore avoids death at all cost. He loves his liquor. Some sources say he doesn’t like rum (they suggest dry red wine) but the Chango I know loves rum with chili powder sprinkled in it. He also likes a good cigar.

Chango loves women…all women. Big, little, short, tall…they’re all good. Ladies, when saying hello to him cup your breasts in your hands and hold ‘em high. He loves tamales and corn bread made with jalapenos. Fried okra is also an excellent choice. Some sources say that Chango and Ogoun do not get along. While I do not give them offerings together, they will certainly work together when necessary.


Where to find Chango

Firehouses, police stations, bars (especially bars with live music), and casinos. Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlantic City, New Jersey, South Beach, Miami, Florida and any spring break destination. He likes the forest for occasional solitude. He is very close to his mother, Yemaya, so the beach would be appropriate also.


Chango’s Children

Chango’s children are firey, high-energy people. They are charismatic, sexual, strong and bold. They love to be the center of attention. By their nature, they are risk takers and gamblers. His children also have bad tempers and are quick to anger. They are ferocious parents and will protect their children with their lives. Respect and honesty are important to these folks. It may seem like a contradiction, but children of Chango are some of the most honorable people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

His children will be very popular with the opposite sex and may have multiple children from different people. The children of Chango are attracted to jobs like firefighting, police officers and the military. They are also plenty of musicians and strippers that belong to Chango. Even when they get older, these folks don’t usually lead normal lives.


Chango Story

My first coven was really great in the beginning. They were very eclectic and interesting folks. They were an established church and had a storefront. They really seemed to have their stuff together. After a while however, I started to see the truth. The two women in charge had lied about many things. They were also becoming obsessed by money. It turns out that these two broads wanted to live like rich people without actually working or getting jobs. I had seen the scheming and lies in action.

People (who knew these women personally) within the spiritual community had begun to try to warn other people about them and stop them from swindling any more folks. This one woman in particular that they were trying to get a large chunk of cash from had gotten wind that these women were bad news and withdrew her financial support.

The two women decided a ritual needed to be done to “protect” them from these “attacks.” However, what they really wanted was revenge. They let me write the ritual. I already was on my way out of the group and had seen the deception for myself. So I wrote up a ritual for justice and like with all rituals I write, I put on the end of it “and for the highest good of all concerned and without violating the laws of free will.” The ritual was performed in a shed in the back yard. Also in that shed were the office and spiritual supplies that these women had bought with ill gotten gains.

Four hours after the ritual, that shed was up in flames. The shed was in a wooded area with 30-foot tall pine trees and houses that were very close together. I started praying as I was calling the fire department. The flames were shooting straight up into the sky.

Chango heard my prayers. Even though it took the fire department about 15 minutes to get there, the only thing that burned was the shed (down to the ground) and about 10 feet of the fence that the shed was built up against. None of the other houses or trees caught on fire. All we had in the shed was a lawn mower. The homeowners (we were renting at the time) had insurance so they got a much nicer shed to replace the old one and the fence was repaired. The two women lost thousands of dollars in merchandise and personal belongings. Chango made sure that everyone got what they deserved and that the neighborhood didn’t burn down in the process.

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