This article was written by Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Traditional Colors: green and brown

Number: 4

Areas of Influence: forests, wild animals, hiking

Entities Associated with: the Horned One, Green Man, Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Dance, and Wild Herdsman are all aspects of Cernunnos

Symbols: stag, stag horned serpent, a man with antlers, a leafy man

Offerings: apples, peaches, carrots, beer; some aspects are vegetarian and some are hunters, so cater to the aspect you know

Feast Days: Summer Solstice

Astrology: Capricorn

Tarot: Hermit, Devil

Chakra: Heart or Root

Gemstones: moss agate, tree agate, serpentine, anything green, wood

Animals: stag, wolf, stag-horned, snake, bull

Entities of Similar Energy: Pan, Ochosi, Gran Bwa, Osain

Plants associated with: oak trees, pretty much any plant found in the deep forest.

Cernunnos, (CARE-noon-nos) the Celtic forest god, the Horned One; he is the Lord of the Dance and the primal fertility god (look for him around the fires at Beltane). He is also the god of the hunt, which connects him to death as a metaphor of rounding up the souls of the living. He is often depicted with stag horns, and there are usually stags, snakes and wolves hanging out nearby. He’s also the herdsman of the forest animals.

I get the feeling that Cernunnos has been a forest god for as long as there have been forests on planet Earth…and that’s a very long time. There are some new age druidic stories that say Cernunnos is the son of Eiocha, a mare who was born from sea foam; Eiocha and Cernunnos coupled and created the deities Maponos, Tauranis, Teutates, and Epona.

Properly Showing Respect to Cernunnos

I can only talk to Cernunnos when I’m in an uncleared, uncultivated, large, natural forest. I think he objects to being called outside of his forests. All you have to do to have a talk with him is travel to the closest real forest, bring him a piece of fruit, and tell him what’s on your mind. Be sure to not harm the forest in any way. Hiking trails through the forest don’t appear to bother him, but be respectful of his domain.

Where to Find Cernunnos

Uncleared, uncultivated forests.

Cernunnos’s Children

They probably like forests and trees, animals, dancing, and/or sex by bonfires. They probably dream of having a cabin in the woods and enjoy camping.

Cernunnos Story

I identified a friend’s spiritual father as Cernunnos. When I told her he was the Celtic forest god, she got a funny look on her face. She told me that the first thing she ever noticed about her husband was a big tattoo on his arm. Her first words to him were “I like your tattoo,” and he told her that it represented a Celtic forest god. She called him to ask who was tattooed on his arm, because she couldn’t remember the name, and it was the Green Man. We enjoyed the irony.

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