This article was written with the help of Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Traditional Colors: red, white, and sometimes green

Number: 3

Areas of Influence: Smithcrafting, reiki, healing, poetry, prophecy and divination, fertility and motherhood, intersection of 3 rivers

Entities Associated with: Danu, Dagda, Ruadan

Symbols: Brigid’s cross, flame, Brigid’s bell, books of poetry

Offerings: blackberries (cobbler, wine, etc)

Feast Days: Imbolc

Astrology: Aquarius

Tarot: Queen of Wands, Priestess, Empress

Chakra: Root

Gemstones: garnet, carnelian, bloodstone

Animals: oxen

Entities of Similar Energy: Hecate, Chango, Pele

Plants associated with: all herbs used for healing

Brigid, “The Exalted One” is a great mother goddess, and she is a triple goddess of smithcraft, healing, and poetry. She is also a goddess of fertility, creative inspiration, fire and the sun, agriculture, medicine, crafting, and music. Brigid and Lugh are the two “crafty” celtic deities. In one story, Brigid was born from the second acorn of Danu and Bile.

Properly Showing Respect to Brigid

Bring your passion to the conversation; she’s a fiery and passionate woman, so you should be matching that when interacting with her. Her offerings should either be burned in a fire or dropped in a river.

Where to Find Brigid

At a junction of three rivers (Pittsburgh is a 3 rivers city AND a steel mining town), where ever healing is occurring, or anywhere else she pleases.

Brigid’s Children

They have fiery personalities, may or may not have children, are probably involved in healing processes with an interest in herbs and empathic abilities.

Brigid Story

One late, starry night a friend of mine was relaying some information about Cronus to me. I was getting a lot of information, and Brigid showed up and asked my friend if she was done yet, because she had work to get done thank-you-very-much.

Maman Brijit

Maman Brijit is the Voudun aspect of the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Popular legend holds that Brigid was brought along with her Celtic followers when they went down to the Island of Hispaniola (of which Haiti now occupies the western half). She is considered to be on of the Ghede (Lords of the Dead). Many sources say she is the wife of Baron Samedi but he flatly denies this.

As Maman Brijit, the first female grave in the cemetery belongs to her. She is known for her obscenities and loves hot peppers. Like many Loa, she drinks rum. While known for her temper, she is also considered a wise judge and may be approached when justice is needed.

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