This article was written by Elm, a member of Tribe of the Sun who follows the Celtic path.

Pronounced: BLODE-uh-oo’th.

Traditional Colors: pink, green, and white

Number: 4

Areas of Influence: independence, forging your own path, flowers, spring, sex

Entities Associated with: Gwydion, Math, Llew, Gronw

Symbols: flowers, owl

Offerings: flower teas, hard boiled eggs, wine, and no potatoes, flower leis

Feast Day: Spring Equinox

Astrology: Venus

Tarot: Queen & Princess of Swords

Chakra: heart

Gemstone: peace jade

Animals: owls, rabbits

Entities of similar energy: Eostre, Lilith

Plants associated with: all flowers

Blodeuwedd is a sun goddess, and her name means “flower face”. There is a commonly quoted story about Blodeuwedd from The Mabinogion where the magician gods create her from flowers to be Llew’s wife, and she tries to kill him and escape with her lover. This very dark story often gives her a bad reputation, but she seems like a very light-hearted and happy goddess. Like Lilith, she was dealt a crappy hand by the men in her life, and she decided to take control of her destiny.

Properly Showing Respect to Blodeuwedd

Blodeuwedd’s a sexy, self reliant woman, so you should treat her like one. Don’t paint her into a Husband Killer corner. I also try not to mention any of the men listed above in her presence.

Where to find Blodeuwedd

Deep forests and flowering fields, anywhere that plants and animals reproduce

Blodeuwedd’s children

Blodeuwedd’s children won’t let anyone determine their path for them. They like sex and probably have multiple partners. They may be air signs, but they’re definitely intelligent individuals who may be prone to scheming.

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