Traditional Colors: blue, gold

Number: 7

Areas of Influence: Love, marriage, overcoming heartbreak, dancing, motherhood, sacrifice, weaving, labyrinths and mazes

Entities Associated with: King Minos, Theseus, Dionysus, Artemis

Symbols: A beautiful crown of stars, a ball of string

Offerings: dancing in her honor, honey, red wine, fish and sea snails, crowns

Feast Days: September 18th

Astrology: Capricorn

Tarot: The Empress

Chakra: Heart and the chakras located at the temples on the sides of the head

Gemstones: Pearls, gold, lapis lazuli, diamonds, sapphires

Animals: Insects that live in the earth, like potato bugs and termites, the ocean creatures that are found at the deepest depths, ocean snails, salt water fish

Entities of Similar Energy: Yemaya, love goddesses in general

Plants associated with: In general, plants that have seperate sexes (“dioecious”), cottonwood trees, root vegatables, spider worts

Ariadne (the Queen) is a Mother Goddess, famous in Crete and surrounding islands. She is a love goddess (among other things) and has strong connections with hidden places (like caves and the deep part of the ocean). The multitude of conflicting stories about her in the Greek myths is probably due to her worship on the different islands. She wears a gorgeous crown made of stars.

The most basic story of her in the Greek myths is that she was the daughter of King Minos of Crete. Theseus, the hero, came to the island to kill the Minotaur which was hidden in the center of the Labryinth. Ariadne fell for Theseus immediately and gave him the tools (including a ball of string) to work his into the maze, kill the Minotaur and then work his way out again. Multiple stories say that she left Crete as Theseus’s wife but they split up at some point, either by her choice or because Theseus left her. Ariadne told me she was also wed to Dionysus but I’m not sure if it was before or after Theseus.

There is a St Ariadne in Catholicism that hid in a fissure of the earth that opened when she was fleeing her would-be killers. There is a connection between the two, which is why I have listed her feast day as September 18th.

Properly Showing Respect to Ariadne

Ariadne demands respect. She is a queen and you will treat her as such. That being said, she also spent her life following her heart. Love is the most important than anything else to her. Every choice you make should be because you are following your heart.

Where to find Ariadne

Ariadne can be found in caves, on the dancefloor, especially at a wedding, at the beach or at a marriage counselor’s office.

Ariadne’s children

First off, her children will have a royal air about them and they demand to be treated with respect. They will most likely have multiple marriages and the first one maybe very painful. They will probably not have a good relationship with their fathers. They will love caves, labyrinths and mazes.

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