Traditional Colors: Pink/magenta, white, mint green, copper

Number: 8

Areas of Influence: Love, fertility, prosperity, protection, calm seas, maritime trade, first loves, power, fierce sexuality, healing of skin disorders, the element of water

Entities associated with: Ares, Adonis, Haephastus, Dionysius, Paris and a long list of other men. Children include Eros, Aeneas and Priapus

Symbols: Scallop sea shell, sea foam, mirrors, make-up, perfume, doves, 6-pointed stars, roses, daisies

Offerings: Roses, divinity or walnut maple fudge, oranges, papaya, sweetly prepared chicken (example Orange Chicken), orange blossoms, spicy orange tea, bubble bath, fancy soaps and lotions, mirrors (especially old fashioned hand mirrors made from wood)

Feast Days: Multiple including: January 18th, March 18th or Thanksgiving

Astrology: The planet Venus

Tarot: The High Priestess

Chakra: Sacral (also the heart depending on aspects)

Gemstones: Yellow topaz, mother of pearl or stones that “shimmer”

Animals: Doves, swans, geese, pink flamingos

Entities of Similar Energy: Venus, Ishtar, Astarte, Kuan Yin, Oshun, Pomba Gira, Yemaya, Isis

Plants associated with: Roses, Oranges and Orange Blossom flowers, Aloe Vera


So, there are about a thousand stories about Aphrodite and few of them really do her justice. She was famous for her beauty and her many loves are the stuff of legend (literally!). Aphrodite, much like Isis, had many roles and many names. It was not uncommon for a Greek city to have different temples dedicated to her under her different roles/names. A powerful and fierce goddess of love, fertility, battles, sexuality and the ocean, Aphrodite is of the same wind as Ishtar and Astarte. In Rome they called her Venus and her role became more of a gorgeous wife and mother.

As the goddess of beauty and the ocean, baths were sacred to her. In fact, she loves baths, especially bubble baths. Make-up, bath products and especially perfume are all very special to her. The scents themselves aren’t necessarily important; what’s more important is that the smells make you feel sexy.

She likes girly things and seems to really love the color pink. While she is a goddess of love, first loves seem to be really important to her. She was enormously popular and therefore there are many stories about her.

Aphrodite was often seen holding a mirror. The mirror may be a symbol of the divine feminine in all women and accessible to anyone who would look for her. Doves were another of her important symbols and they were often sacrificed to her in her temples.

She had many children with many different lovers. Eros, the Greek god of desire, also known as Cupid, may be one of her most famous children. In ancient Greece, she not only brought fertility and prosperity, she also watched over maritime trade, travel and battles.  As a healer, it would be wise to seek her help with ailments of the skin.

Properly Showing Respect to Aphrodite

Don’t approach Aphrodite unless you are clean/freshly showered. Feel free to actually get into a bath or give her your offerings in the bath tub. Offerings can be also be given to her at the ocean or spots near clean running water, including waterfalls, would also be appropriate.

Where to find Aphrodite

You can find Aphrodite in bathrooms, saunas and pools. In nature, she may be found at the beach, of course, or near clean, natural pools of water and waterfalls. I would also look for her in spas, beauty salons or any place they sell make-up or lingerie.

Aphrodite’s Children

Aphrodite’s children would be drawn to water and tend to be natural born beauties who don’t need to fuss much with their appearance. They may be cursed with great hair that requires no work and probably feel an affinity with babies and small children.

Aphrodite Story

Aphrodite formally showed up in my life early on a Sunday morning. She had briefly made an appearance two weeks earlier, when I was reading an email about one of her spiritual children. I was suddenly smacked in the nose by the smell of oranges. The smell was so strong that I got out of my chair to hunt down whoever had started peeling that delicious smelling orange but no one was eating anything. I was really confused by the orange until I did some research and found a source that the “Golden Apples” that are associated with her, were in fact oranges. This information has since been confirmed by the Goddess herself.

So, back to Sunday morning…I had this overwhelming urge to start writing up an article for her. I gathered up some books and a notebook and then I had a sudden desire to take all of my stuff into the bathroom and draw myself a bubble bath. This of course meant gathering up my shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc plus making myself a cup of mint tea. After getting all that together I realized that the bath didn’t smell pretty enough so I then went rummaging through my collection of essential oils. I decided upon geranium, patchouli and lavender plus a couple of drops of orange oil (which smelled awesome). After all that I got into the tub and proceeded to go through all of my books, reading what I could and waiting for one of my psychic friends to call me back to explain to me why I was spending my Sunday morning acting like a mad woman.

After about an hour or so, I remembered that that one of our local art museum’s had an Aphrodite exhibit. It suddenly seemed real important for us to get to that museum so I got dressed and dragged my very understanding husband along for a wonderful trip. The exhibit was fabulous and they did a great job of telling Aphrodite’s story. I know she was there with us. I could hear her laughter at some of the more titillating pieces (she has a terrific sense of humor) and feel her joy at being so celebrated. The one thing that really made me laugh was the explanation of how many a Greek bath was dedicated to her and she was quite famous for her love of bathing.

Yep, they really weren’t kidding about that.

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