The Basics of Chakras

Common sense warning, as always, please use a healthy dose of common sense and always seek medical treatment for any ailment.

What are Chakras?

A chakra is simply a nexus point on the energetic body, seen as a swirling point (or vortex) of light. While there are a countless number of points all over our bodies, most sources will only talk about the big seven (Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root). I like to include two more to that list; the chakras on the palms of either hand and the arches of your feet.

When functioning properly, chakras are able to give and receive energy freely and equally (up and down the vertical plane) and all chakras will function at roughly equal levels. Energy can also move out through the front and back of the chakra (horizontal plane). When imbalanced, chakras can either be deficient (including being completely closed) or overactive.

The individual chakras are outlined on the the chakra system page.

Deficient Chakras

Deficient chakras are due to blockages that have manifested due to physical, emotional or mental issues.
These chakras will either have a sluggish response when energy is externally applied (partial block) or will have no response (complete block). Either way, a deficient chakra will disrupt the energy flow of the body.

Overacting Chakras

As with any homeostatic system, when one part of the system is deficient, another part will normailly overcompensate to keep the entire energy system in check. An overacting chakra produces too much energy to make up for one that is deficient. For example, often those that have deficient heart chakras will have a corresponding overacting sacral chakra. This means that their relationships will be based on sex (sacral) rather than love (heart).

How do you resolve Chakra imbalances?

Underactive/Blocked Chakras

There are basically two methods to opening up underactive chakras:

  • “Unicorns and Fluffy Bunny” approach – Gently, over time use meditation, breathing and yogic exercises to release the pain. While it is the kinder, gentler approach, it also time consuming.
  • “Jackhammer” method – application of strong, directed energy to blast those blockages.

Overactive Chakras

  • Once the blockages of the underactive/blocked chakras have been removed, some overall decrease in activity should be seen naturally. However, dedication to balancing the overall system will regulate the overactive chakra(s).
  • A mindful focus on focusing on “healthy” behaviors, instead of the “unhealthy” behaviors will reduce the overactive energy also.

Many of the deities themselves have energies that work well with one or more chakras. For instance, Yemaya works well with the heart chakra while Thor’s energy corresponds with many attributes of the Solar Plexus. There are also many correlations with chakra work and gemstones, which is why the information was included under each particular stone.