Update: 4/4/16 – We are starting to add pictures back to the pages.

Update: 2/28/16 – Articles on St. Expedite, St. Jude, and Charlemagne (as an ascended master) have been added to the Deities & Guides page.

Update: 2/21/16 – More information in the ritual section has been added, to include a page on ritual basics.

Thanks everybody!



Earth GoddessThis web site is dedicated to sharing the spiritual lessons that we have learned over the years with like-minded folks. We are a pretty eclectic bunch, so you will find information on a diverse group of deities & guides, plants, and articles on basic spirituality.

Please be aware that we don’t follow any one particular path or tradition. If you are looking for information on traditional ANYTHING this may not be the site for you. What I have put together is information gathered from the personal experiences from many different practicioners from many different backgrounds. We do respect everyone’s right to do what they will as long as it harms none, even if we do not personally agree with their beliefs or interpretation.

Please understand while we respect everyone’s views, we do not respond to hostility or disrespect.

Aché and blessed be, y’all.